Shielded Support for Ledger Hardware Wallets (NanoS+, NanoX)

Zcash Community Grants (ZCG) would like to provide the community an update on the status of the Ledger app development for Zcash shielded transactions. At present, we find ourselves at an impasse because we are unable to identify an organization willing to co-apply with Hanh. This circumstance is due to Ledger’s preference for having an organizational entity, and not an individual developer, as a partner for the development and maintenance of the app as well as ongoing support and updates.

We’ve discussed this issue with both the Zcash Foundation and the Electric Coin Company (ECC). Unfortunately, neither organization is willing to submit the application on Hanh’s behalf. While this outcome is less than ideal, we understand and respect their concerns. Ledger’s terms and conditions [1] require the submitting entity to make specific representations and warranties to ensure the app’s functionality, security, and ongoing maintenance. Neither the Foundation nor ECC is comfortable making these representations on behalf of an individual developer.

ZCG firmly believes that Hanh possesses the skills and dedication needed to deliver this app, and we know that the Zcash community shares this belief as well. If Hanh were to walk away from the project, ZCG has the resources needed to recruit and fund another development team to continue to provide ongoing development and support of the app. However, since ZCG is a committee under the Foundation, and not an independent organization, it lacks the autonomy to enter into legally-binding agreements and cannot submit the app on behalf of Hanh.

ZCG will continue to take proactive steps to move this project forward. The ideal outcome is to find a qualified organization that the Foundation or ECC is comfortable sponsoring, if necessary, that can adopt Hanh’s codebase, take over development, and ensure the app’s ongoing support and maintenance. The feasibility of this approach is uncertain at this stage; however, we’re actively reaching out to development organizations to explore their willingness to assist. Additionally, we will contact Zondax to discuss the possibility of them taking over this project. Zondax has significant experience developing apps for Ledger devices and may be best suited to deliver an app that meets Ledger’s requirements.

We apologize for the complexities and delays surrounding the Ledger app development and understand the community’s anticipation for Zcash shielded transactions on Ledger devices. Ledger’s preference for individual developers to co-apply with an organization was an unforeseen circumstance that we did not anticipate. We are dedicated to resolving this matter in a timely manner and will continue to provide updates as the situation evolves.

[1] I have pasted the relevant section from Ledger’s Terms and Conditions below:

As an App developer, you assume total responsibility and risks for your use of the Service and any damage that your application may cause to third parties or to Ledger. This responsibility includes, but is not limited to, all the necessary steps to maintain the continuity of the availability and the performance of the App you have developed and submitted to the Service. You shall, at all times and at your own cost, regularly test and update the App you have developed in order for your App to be fully functional with the latest Ledger updates and plugins, as well as, mitigate all risks and incidents that may affect your App, or the use of your App by any third party.

By submitting the App to the Service, you warrant that your App will not cause any fault or malfunction in any software, firmware, hardware or network and information system, nor shall introduce any viruses or vulnerabilities onto the Services. You warrant that the App will operate in accordance with Ledger and user expectations and that the maintenance of your App will be of satisfactory quality and conform to the requirements to function with the Service, Ledger software, firmware and hardware.