Signrawtransaction false: Operation not valid with the current stack size

Dear all,
I follow the “Public Alpha Guide” and successfully build the zcash and also get some coins already. Now I was stalled at the signrawtransaction rpc which return with an error: “Operation not valid with the current stack size”.
I have checked that I do have the respond private key, so I decide to send the result hex by sendrawtransaction directly. Than the error message changes to “absurdly high fees” (show in debug.log). To solve the problem I just raise the transaction fee limit and send it again. Now the error message shows: error: {“code”:-26,“message”:“16: mandatory-script-verify-flag-failed (Operation not valid with the current stack size)”} which is as same as issue#206 in github (
I use the latest release package, and all the previous step are followed the guide. Can anyone help me to figure out the problem? Thanks a lot.

This particular error usually shows up because the signature doesn’t work. (You may have copied keys or addresses from the guide that you should have constructed yourself.)

Be sure the rawtxn is in double quotes, i.e.

./src/zcash-cli signrawtransaction “020…”

Has this been solved? I’m having the same issue as well even after following the suggestions above. Thanks in advance.

Same here - seems very familiar. I tried the process with and without quotes around the large hexadecimal strings.

You could try giving my script a try. if it works, then it must’ve been user error somehow. If not, something else is up.


Thanks, after installing PHP your scripts worked like a charm!
I’m using VMWARE ubuntu running under Windows so the processing is a little slow but it is okay for evaluation purpose.

Question: My result list “exists” as false. Why is that? Does this mean I can’t use this protected amount? Also, this amount does not show up on my getinfo or listunspent command anymore so what command do I use to display this ‘poured’ amount? Where did it go?

“amount” : 49.90000000,
“bucket” : “805b6d2…76a”,
“exists” : false

Thanks again.

I asked this same question about exists:false and was told it is because the tx has not made it into a block yet.