So whats more profitable? nicehash or zcash (ebwf)

been running ebwf on zcash for a month now, with 6 x 1080ti

happy overall.

wondering if nicehash would be more profitable ?


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Any specs and numbers?

Nicehash won’t give you what you’re getting mining straight Zcash. You’re also going to make more than Nicehash offers in BTC whenever Zcash pricing goes up. Even if you’re wanting pure BTC you’re better off mining Zcash and selling for BTC.

That was the answer i was looking for :slight_smile: thank you

@VanijaDev - ~4250 Sol/s with 3.1 Sol/W

You can automate the selling part.
So it’s like Nicehash, but better prices

I use ( when the Zec price is high )
Be sure to set “reusable adress”

Use this adres to mine with Flypool for example.

So now you’re mined ZEC is automatically send tot, and they trade it for you, and you receive BTC.