Staked Poll on Zcash Dev Fund Debate

Here’s a zboard-style spreadsheet view for stake polling alongside the governance panel vote.

I’m torn on this actually - on one hand, I don’t particularly want to attract more hype to the present stakepolling mechanism. We’ve learned we have a lot of clear ways to fix it already. On the other hand, if someone does want to send messages to vote here anyway, their voices do matter and I want to help boost them. Also it’s permissionless and not much effort to host, so :man_shrugging:. The channel is live and I’m monitoring it, zeal with it.

I’m grateful to everyone who participated in the first stakepoll. I don’t know whether y’all spent $600 to borrow zec then immediately close your position or what. What I do know is you made a deliberate speech act, using shielded memo technology! That’s neat, so,… thanks!

I think this is best called a “petition.” Petitions don’t have this quality, but still can happily run alongside official votes/elections/polls.