Stopping mine for a little time

Hello! I have a small question; If I stopped the mining process and run it again, will I lost my previous process or it will complete from the last time that I stopped it from?

And thanks :slight_smile:

There’s nothing wrong with stopping it, except you won’t be able to earn any rewards when it’s not running.

OK Thanks.

I am running my PC for 48 hours and till now my balance stills 0
Do you have any idea about that?

Mining works on a principle of “Fastest person takes all the money”
every block (so ~2.5 Minutes), so you compete against every other person
out there as a solominer (i.e. you solving a block/getting Zcash this
way is as likely as winning the lottery)
That’s why people mine together in a pool and split the earned Zcash between them, these are two popular pools at the moment:
Instructions are on the websites.


if you mine solo, yes.
it is like if you run 100 races a 5 km. Regardless of how many you run, the guy on the motorcycle will beat you in 99% of the cases.
join a pool, or you won’t ear y Zcash

what do you mean by “mine solo”?

Have you just followed the instructions on this site?

then you mine solo, i.e. you (or more accurate your cpu) try to solve the puzzle that is a new block all on your own.

Thank you, I’ve been mining solo. I will join one of the pools. Thanks