Suggestion - Weighted Voting Mechanism RFP

I suggest ZOMG RFP for an on-chain weighted voting mechanism. The weighting will be based on ZEC holdings at the voter’s address. This will be more then overdue once we have ZSAs and the idea of on-chain or off-chain enforcement of voting results (think DAOs).


Allow a t or z address to send a weighted memo to other t or z addresses. Primary goal is to solve the weighted voting problem (e.g. Coin Holder Polling - Instructions).

Things to consider:

  • The voter will need to prove they haven’t voted to that address in the last X blocks (prevents double vote from same address)
  • The voter will need to prove they have held these coins at their address for more then X block (prevents double voting by using another address)

Note: It’s probably not necessary to have to “open” up for a vote. Just simply always allow on-chain voting but the votes will only mean something if the voters comply with whatever rules/window the recipient cares about.


Noted. On my RFP wish list, I have “research and development for ‘voting keys’ or ‘time weighted’ voting (where your vote counts more the longer you hold your ZEC).” I will add your comments as well and bring it up when ZOMG next meets to discuss and prioritize RFP ideas.

I am a big fan of coin holder voting in some capacity and would love to see some of the issues brought up in this discussion addressed and resolved, and for the conversation to move forward in 2022.


Include quadratic voting into this mix


Wow that’s cool.