Technical AMA w/ Zcash team December 14, 2018 noon PST

Got it. Great answer!

thanks :pray:

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ok, i didn’t know that.
if i could choose, i would prefer using a wallet the zcash company has made.

‘‘I hear you on wanting to spend Zcash for everyday items. We realize that point of sales support/merchant support is a weak link in the purchase process’’ - i agree on that, but i’m still optimistic.

We think this would be a fascinating project; with competing priorities we don’t think we’ll get to soon and we very much encourage the community to take up the mantle!


Maybe we can work together to do that? Let’s take clips from the 30 minute talk and intersplice it with our own comments? I will do the video editing if you can help me finalize the “script”

Earlier today i asked @joshs if Zcash would ever create a decetralized exchange where pairs would be against Zcash, and he referred me to ShapeShift, but like other users like @hanswurst33 , I think exchange made by Zcash company would be more trusted, it would give a stream of revenue to Zcash company and add another usecase for Zcash.

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This is awesome. Thanks for the detailed response, @daira

I’m going to add this to zec-qt-wallet


Yeah, I’m actually the one responsible for making the business case for building a Zcash wallet made by Zcash, and that is one of the benefits that I mention:

Capitalize on trusted status: Users will flock to a Zcash live wallet to maximize privacy and minimize the risk of losing funds due to low quality code or being compromised by a malicious application.

With the other benefits being:

Direct user interaction: LW means we communicate directly with real end users, generate user data to inform future iterations, can set defaults for users, highlight zcash-specific features, and design own user flow, indicators, and words.

Delight customers: LW gives users a way to use Zcash to pay peers or buying goods/services, shielded by default. The Zcash user survey shows this is what they want: links to portals to buy goods with Zcash and easy fiat on and off ramps, even over shielded addresses (full survey results and link in Appendix 6).

Strategic advantage: Our wallet features won’t be the lowest common denominator between 50 currencies, but great, curated features for Zcash. Wallets create multi-currency wallets so that they can have revenue; most wallets’ revenue comes from a cut of exchange fees. I.e.: Jaxx gets a cut of all exchanges made via its ShapeShift integration when a user converts one cryptocurrency to another. We won’t put user needs as a secondary consideration.

I think to be honest the real elephant in the room is the bear market, and in my opinion it’s more of a question of “now or later” vs “yes or no.”


Probably last question for me:

Any clues why Peter Todd keeps trashing Zcash on Twitter? Why is he so angry?

Thank you for the AMA and for being transparent with us!


Agreed that services made by Zcash company would be more trusted, but there’s a balance of resources. The company is currently focused on the most important aspect: maintaining the infrastructure that underlies all these services. :wink:

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I will make a new topic tomorrow an see if other community members are interested in helping making some mining centralization maps…


Not sure! (20 chars)


now there are more reasons why i want the wallet to come from the zcash company :smiley:

maybe supporting bitcoin inside your wallet? integrate XCAT for atomic swaps between BTC and Zcash?
would it be possible to send BTC via an atomic swap and receive Zcash in a shielded way?

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There are so many reasons! :slight_smile: I am a UX researcher by trade so just the idea of standardizing all the things and getting :sparkles: user data :sparkles: seems nice…

Oh man! We’re just working on some basic things, like supporting sapling addresses, depreciating taddrs, turnstiles, local address books, and some better organizational features. So your suggestions seem great but they seem more like v…5? features.

Also, I’m sad to report that XCAT has been de-prioritized by Zcash in the push for Sapling, and we don’t have plans to pick it back up at a specific time. It is an inactive project, with the last commit about a year ago.

This was the last update on XCAT:


Actually, I have a legal-related question:

Can we freely use the Zcash brand name and logo to develop legal services around Zcash, or have a blog or website that introduces Zcash? i.e. Someone was selling a zcash domain name at some point on Reddit and was concerned that he would get in trouble for doing that. What is the company’s point of view about that?

I understand legally the Zcash company could sue people for the use of the Zcash brand, but I remember reading somewhere that it would not happen for X reason I forgot. Is that still the case?


There’s a trademark policy you can reference:

For specific use cases, folks can write to us about their application.


ok, got it. for me that’s perfect, i prefer privacy!
looking forward to test it :smile:

thanks for the Info!

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would love to do that, but my english isn’t perfect. so i am maybe the wrong person for that.
but i could send you the Links to the different talks. (most probably you watched them already)

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Can you briefly highlight the differences between the rights of token-holders and the rights of private shareholders in the zcash co, especially in terms of differential risks and rewards?

As I understand, the company can do well while the token plummets, or vice versa. Zcash Co, Least Authority, etc are not responsible for the token value, right?

Are their any ways for token holders to gain shareholder rights? Planned?

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Thank you. Regarding the example I was referring to, it is mentioned on the page:

We will likely consider using the Marks as part of a domain name or subdomain an infringement of our Marks.

That’s pretty restrictive in my opinion…

The goal is to prevent bad actors from taking advantage of unknowing users. All parties who have inquired about this have been happy to use a non-conflicting name so far which we appreciate. We’re always open to discuss with individual parties their plans.