Technical AMA w/ Zcash team December 14, 2018 noon PST


Hi @jmsjsph.

The Zcash Company is an independent software development company that works on the protocol for the benefit of the community. We cannot comment on the token value.


@ all the guys from the zcash company,

Do you use Zcash in your daily live for paying for goods?

Do you get paid 100% in $$$ or do you get some of it in zcash?


Technically, bitcoin-shielded zcash xcat should be possible once/if bitcoin adds Schnorr signatures, using what’s sometimes called “Scriptless Scripts”
The machinery to make that happen on the Zcash side is similar to what you need for shielded multisig, that I’m working on as a side project, though there’s no commitment from the company to release that as a feature for now…

[edit] ohh wait it would also require adding some timelock mechanism for shielded tx in Zcash


It’s a private cryptocurrency! :slight_smile: