Testing new compile

When running the testing command,


I get the following error. Thought this should be forward to someone…

=== Running testscript zcjoinsplitdoublespend.py ===
File “/home/ubuntu/zcash/qa/rpc-tests/test_framework/test_framework.py”, line 118, in main
File “/home/ubuntu/zcash/qa/rpc-tests/zcjoinsplitdoublespend.py”, line 59, in run_test
pool[i] = self.nodes[i].zcrawjoinsplit(pool[i], {}, {zcaddress:39.9}, 39.9, 0)
File “/home/ubuntu/zcash/qa/rpc-tests/test_framework/authproxy.py”, line 126, in call
raise JSONRPCException(response[‘error’])
Initializing test directory /tmp/testvhIWE7
JSONRPC error: std::bad_alloc
Stopping nodes
Cleaning up
!!! FAIL: zcjoinsplitdoublespend.py !!!

Tests completed: 18
successes 17; failures: 1

Failing tests: zcjoinsplitdoublespend.py

Not enough memory. This specific test consumes a lot (more than 4Gb)

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Thanks for the reply!

I am using an Amazon EC2 instance with 8gb and 2 cores.

What would you recommend for this test? Why would it not use the 8gb available?
For mining purposes, would you recommend something more than the m4.large instance?

When mining on both cores, I see not more than 1gb ram being used…