Testnet blockchain node is syncing slowly with the network

My testnet blockchain is syncing slowly with network. Until last month it used to sync with network without problem.At the time of writing the block height is 222803 in the node I am hosting. At this point block height shown at https://faucet.testnet.z.cash/ is 223823. This has been the case for last one month. When I ran the zcashd with debug=-bench, in debug log the between two steps(between “connect block” step and “Load block from disk” it is waiting for like 3,4 mins sometimes, sometimes it is very fast. What might be the reason for this ? Is because of this my node is not syncing properly with network.

What version of zcashd are you running? The testnet hardforked for Overwinter so if you are not running 1.0.15 or later you might be on the wrong chain?

I am running 1.0.14, so I have to upgrade it. Thanks, I will upgrade and check it. After upgrade do I have to sync from the start or continue from current existing chain ?

Depending on how far you continued on the old chain (which I guess some people are still running miners on), you may have passed the 100-block rollback limit, in which case you will need to reindex.

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Yes, I have already started the reindexing. Thanks a lot. Where can I keep track of technology updates for zcash? Nearly 3 hours googling and reading forums and still I didn’t findout the hardfork of testnet.

We’ve posted about all of this on the blog. See releases Archives - Electric Coin Company for all the previous updates (there’s also an RSS feed link there), and New Release: 1.0.15 - Electric Coin Company in particular described the testnet network upgrade.

I missed that. Will follow the blog. Thanks