Testnet faucet

Hi there,

I have been trying to get some Testnet Zcash (https://faucet.testnet.z.cash/) but the faucet errors with the following message: “Issue sending transaction."

Could someone send me some ZEC to test?
My address is tmNXjJVuWeFeyHXoAjo29xzqmWELnjdCQ2d


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Sent. Txid: 146dd3addae7f34c5318b410fe7bca9b50f1c748d76b5272fc0217ae18a8f869

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Oh, great. Thanks.

Le mer. 5 févr. 2020 à 20:47, Adityapk00 via Zcash Community Forum zcash@discoursemail.com a écrit :

Hi, I’m also looking for some testnet zcash. Can you please send some to this address: t2MtzPRwQY1wdcD2csKentMyPMb4JrCz1Xy.


@Robert1 https://faucet.testnet.z.cash/ Now working for t-addr.

Please let us know if you experience more issues.

Seems like transparent addresses are failing from the faucet. Can I get some Testnet Zcash to this address? tmKHb6GS7aEXWVyDNTpDQqrmCMC1vVgkkWi


Yes, there is a testnet faucet at:


I can not create a transaction on the faucet. Can I please get some Testnet Zcash to this address? tmRMcxXxwCLpZfkpcufjcaLU19kF4exePKU

Hi @rade011 , welcome to the forums! :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe @ChileBob has some testnet coins they could send you.

Are you working on a Zcash project or just testing for fun?

@rade011 Here y’go :- TXID: 24808201b5829c2e638d8426917af50291b4259c05113f0ffc7ffd26dd7c16a0



I would need to test my dev., so someone would you like send me testnet coins on address (tmAxCF6Wyu7E7XYVnwBpSX3AP3HXQ4j827m), https://faucet.testnet.z.cash/ don’t work for me…

Other question : ZCash support RBF ?


Done :slight_smile:

Txid: 4db1cf57fe18d004f0ef89751d63c7f43842afac901b76d723258c760f185931

Zcash does not support RBF, we have ‘Transaction Expiry’. Think the default is 40 blocks & txns not mined within that get returned.

Bob The Testnet Faucet

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Hi folks,

One of the many things we have been working on includes the testnet faucet due to issues mentioned above. We would like to get some feedback from everyone to see what features they would like to see in a new testnet faucet.

The end goal includes the basic functionality existing in the current faucet, which isn’t too much, and the ability for folks to spin this up in a production or local environment (similar to our other deployments now in Dockerhub). Additionally, create something that is more source transparent between internal and community devs to support ongoing collaboration efforts, with newer stacks.

Good day!
I would like to receive coins for this address tmQj1EUJk49uQhDpWPCaYKUAccHK4BeCsKV.
I tried to use https://faucet.testnet.z.cash but in no luck.
It returns the following error: " Issue sending transaction. Is your address correct? "
Thank you!

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Sent u a couple. Welcome!
txid: 14275b51deacf74b4d06b1d769bbae3ff5e21f88361044f27f132a5927bcfc3b

it’s not work for me too :frowning:

my address is: tmTptoUC8kGaYayAEDz9ZvP727QXbokPMgS
please send me some zcash testnet to testing.
thank you!!!