The blackpill thread

improved? You mean it got worse, right? Or did i miss the ironic factor?

Can I plead irony???

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hold-up …did boxalex just post in the blackpill thread to cheer me up?



that goddam orange ape is a fucking imbecile…likely his minions are too ignorant to comprehend how crypto exists, let alone have any…but here comes the attack on it so get ready…

meanwhile …still no USD pair for zcash

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More darkness Censorship

Not much light Zcash Foundation - aggressive and harmful?

A woeful attempt, heres a better example of “Blackpill” (I❤Zcash!)


Hey look, it’s an article about how ZCash is a failure even though it hasn’t laid down yet.

Oh, I know it says “namecoin” (another anti-totalitarian technology I once that high hopes for) and the second and later questions are irrelevant.

But the answers to the first question pretty much describe the stuff that ZCash did wrong. Just substitute a few words:

[ZCash] wasn’t easy enough to use. The wallet still sucks

The developers spent way too much time working on the nuance of perfecting each leaf in the forest (adding tons of minute functions most people wouldn’t use) without seeing the overall picture of trees (usability to drive adoption).

some of the team tried to partner [ZCash] with [government-regulated exchanges] and even [government regulators]. That makes no sense. That’s making a technology to circumvent governments and then handing it over to governments.

I know there are still four or five [ZCash] developers trying to perfect the system, but it’s too little too late

I would still like to hope that the Guarda wallet plus eventual ASIC resistance will turn things around, but I’m not holding my breath. I do hope that someone will learn from the mistakes of ZCash and come up with an anonymized cryptocurrency that runs on people’s phones from day one and never gets anywhere near an “exchange”.

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To thine own [Zcash] be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.

I think you’re on to something!

[Zcash] To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

Can open, Worms EVERYWHERE!

That [Zcash] that can reflect upon itself, consider itself, is more than so.

Best line I’ve read all day.

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Anyone else concerned about the grocery runway problem? If I had to guess its way less than 18 months.


Search odium for groceries can really only come from someone who doesn’t have to eat them

Oh man this sounds really bad…


Ugh I would get my coins out of bitmex just to make sure they dont pull of a “hack” of their exchange…


looks like kraken’s removing the ZEC/JPY pair. never really did much volume. apparently, japan hates zcash

could be wrong on this, but pretty sure that was the only ZEC/JPY pair, i think.

Japan doesn’t hate Zcash but Zcash is not listed on any Japanese exchange. This is an excerpt from our forthcoming transparency report:

“Zooko and Josh Swihart wrapped up their trip to Asia early in the quarter. It included an unexpected return trip to Japan to meet with the director general of the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA), Japan’s most significant self-regulating organization (SRO), to establish a plan for the possible reintroduction of Zcash to Japanese exchanges.”

Note that Kraken hopes to open its doors in Japan in 2020.


According to the latest report from ECC, they have 6 months of free money as far as I understand, that is, theoretically, they will not be able to finalize to NU4? Why is there no announcement?

Can you accurately predict where Zcash price will be in 6 months? No? Neither can they.

They have a budget, if things need to shift to meet NU4 I’m sure they will make the adjustments as needed. The ECC needs NU4 as much as anyone since the development funding will end without the changes the community has requested.

So saying that they “won’t be able to make NU4” is non-sensical.

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You are wrong when ECC on conference announced the “all in zcash” strategy, it was also announced that when there is money left to work for a certain number of months (the balance and not the theoretical amount received from the sale) there will be a possible change in strategy, I’m talking about this, Well, I wrote objectively “theoretically”, so to say that it is pointless (although I have at least 50% of the scenarios) is a deliberate misrepresentation of people.
How many months at the moment the company and the fund are working on the balance of funds and not on current sales, to say that I don’t know where the price will be in 6 months, but I heard the same thing 6 months ago and by the new year there should be no budget deficit .