The future of Zcash: Zero Knowledge Security Layer for all Blockchains

I think this will bring value to Zcash in the future. The folks at Zcash are some truly bright individuals and have the capability to bring true privacy to the entire crypt0 space. As Snowden said, we need to stop fighting and come together. In times like these, when banks are more than ever under threat by us…we need to focus on the tools we have. The more blockchains that adopt Zcash’s ZSL (Zero Knowledge Security Layer) the more valuable this tech will be in the future. I only see that happening more and more in the coming months/ years as the need for cutting edge privacy increases on a global scale.

Here is a quote from the blog link below :

"ZSL can be layered on top of any distributed ledger solution, adding support for shielded transactions to the underlying ledger’s featureset. However, it does not automatically follow that all of the underlying ledger’s functionality will benefit from the added privacy and confidentiality. For example, integrating ZSL with the Ethereum codebase would make it possible to use shielded transactions to protect users’ privacy, but smart contracts would still need to be executed transparently. We are still in the early stages of researching how programmability can be implemented within ZSL in an efficient manner.

ZSL can also be integrated with any consensus mechanism; instead of proof of work, an enterprise ledger could use round-robin, proof of stake, or new consensus mechanisms like Tendermint. It could even be integrated into a MySQL database, where a schema plugin requires valid proofs for table inserts but the database administrator cannot see account balances."

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