The idea of Community

Even though it isn’t in my proposal, I like this concept. I’d recommend that all block subsidies go into the ZF, who then conducts further distribution via either direct subsidy, through their own grants program, or to ZCG and then through their grants model.

Increasing funding into the FPF is also a growing priority in my mind. I’d like to see some results first though before really leaning into that org.

To the topic of “community” you’re right in many of your points, it is a grand challenge to determine who is the community, and what does that cohort want.

  • technical builders
  • board members
  • managers
  • media creators
  • network users
  • merchants
  • miners
  • investors
  • social media opinions
  • direct coin weighted voting
  • transaction volume weighted voting

the list could be much bigger

As I mentioned in my part of the discussion, unfortunately we can’t directly affect the market for the most part. The halving will impact supply emission, but it isn’t a guarantee to churn up any new demand. The day to day work going into Zcash products/ protocol features/ education/ marketing/ et al are what have the chance to impact demand.

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