New Funding Proposal + Community votes


I’ve been reading the community posts for a while now and decided to join in on the conversation. Forgive my lack of technical knowledge, but as a Zcash community member and long term holder, I suggest the following plans for funding development post 2020:

1- All ongoing funding to be supplied to the Zcash Foundation, who will then distribute funds to necessary development teams based on a community vote for the ZIP’s we favour the most. I imagine that the foundation will do this through an online portal and require a small ZEC payment to vote.

1- Each year will have a deadline requiring development teams suggest their aspiring road-map for the year.

2- Once the yearly deadline has been met, the vote will be conducted and each team will be given a proportion of the funding correlated to their position in the voted outcome. This will be distributed through the foundation.

3- Miners will be required to vote in order to continue mining. This will give miners an incentive to care about the development.

4- One option that will be available every year, is to burn the funded coins. This, in theory, should provide and incentive for development teams to provide improvements that the community wants more than they want to increase the short term value by burning, and failure to achieve the road-map will see the team receive no votes the following year.

5- After the votes have been completed, miners will have an option to continue to fund development or burn a small percentage (7% or less) of block rewards. The theory here, is that I believe people are more likely to continue funding something that they already voted in favour of.

Funding is thus received from the community of holders (when they vote), and from the miners. It incentivises people at the bare minimum to consider what path they would like to see development take.

The foundation was created to act in the best interest of the community, so I believe they should be responsible for dividing funds funds for development, but not without consideration of which development proposals the community wants most.

Once again, let me remind you that I’m just a holder without the needed tech experience to be able to assess if this idea is even viable, so please keep that in mind while picking it apart.

I’m open to hear all opinions and criticisms.



In case of the miners, miningpools are stand alone creatures. They are not under control of anyone, except the one that runs the pool. So I would have no idea about how the voting would work out. Given the fact that there a some really big miners out there, it could be they take the short way and choose to burn Everytime. 2 farms in let say China could already have a majority of the votes.

I do like the idea that all teams present a roadmap for the next year ( maybe 2 ) to come. But the voting is still a problem in my opinion, how to decide how much voting power someone gets ? Big miners more votes ? Big Holders more votes ? Everybody that has 1 Zcash or has Zcash a vote ?

My opinion is there should be some ongoing funding, but at the same time the FR has to stop, if it doesn’t, it will be another promise that will be broken. And in my opinion that would be worse then the whole Asic thing. Maybe not for tech side, but. I am sure it will be a PR disaster.


Hi, thanks for participating! I haven’t reviewed your proposal yet, and I intend to do so within about a week.

Meanwhile, could you please follow my request on Proposal authors, please read: Help making ZIPs ?

That will help me and ZIP editors know which forum proposals we can help turn into ZIPs.

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