The little things that would go a long way

It’s a good question to ask ourselves isn’t it? What are the low hanging fruits that can have a substantially positive impact on the project? Knowing they exist is the hardest part.

Here’s one: have a quality chat with Albert Wenger.

He’s one of the partners of Union Square Ventures. Also he has recently written a book:

On this book one can find plenty of inspiring ideas to make the world better. But one is deeply troubling: his vision that mostly everything should be public. Privacy doesn’t have a place. I wouldn’t be surprised that he and maybe USV are against privacy technologies.

In spirit, it makes sense. If everything is open, corruption can’t happen and the world can’t be anything but a thriving place. Or maybe, as we may all agree here, it’s a misguided vision and a beautiful middle-ground may be achieved with zero-knowledge proofs.

Electric Coin Company & @zooko, private or public, it would be greatly beneficial for this discussion to happen.