The little things that would go a long way

It’s a good question to ask ourselves isn’t it? What are the low hanging fruits that can have a substantially positive impact on the project? Knowing they exist is the hardest part.

Here’s one: have a quality chat with Albert Wenger.

He’s one of the partners of Union Square Ventures. Also he has recently written a book:

On this book one can find plenty of inspiring ideas to make the world better. But one is deeply troubling: his vision that mostly everything should be public. Privacy doesn’t have a place. I wouldn’t be surprised that he and maybe USV are against privacy technologies.

In spirit, it makes sense. If everything is open, corruption can’t happen and the world can’t be anything but a thriving place. Or maybe, as we may all agree here, it’s a misguided vision and a beautiful middle-ground may be achieved with zero-knowledge proofs.

Electric Coin Company & @zooko, private or public, it would be greatly beneficial for this discussion to happen.


My thoughts about low hanging fruit.

  1. More social content from the Zcash developers and product leaders being posted on the world’s most popular platforms
  • Facebook

  • Tik Tok

  • Instagram

  • Snapchat

  • Reddit

  • StockTwits

  1. Rehypothecation-clipped snippets from the Zcash Media content. This new short form content can supply to my first point.
  2. A well-advertised Free ZEC give-away from either the ZCG, ECC, or ZF treasury. We need to give the potential newuser base of the world a reason to install their first Z-address supported mobile wallet (Zingo or YWallet), and use it to receive and then send ZEC with a shielded memo. People need an incentive to take the first step.