The Zeitgeist of Our Times [memes, phenomena, karma, et al]

I didn’t find any other Off Topic threads as appropriate, so I’ve created a new one.

This Topic will be for sharing peculiarities observed by Critically thinking and seeing Zcashers.

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Quite literally Few Understand

For this video’s [ Ice Spice & Nicki Minaj - Princess Diana ] +53,000 comments and 15 million views, none among the top 3,000 make any remark about the eerily similar aesthetic to Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odessey


There’s so much Kubrick in everything that came after him. His work is so ubiquitous that the first time I watched most of his films I found them boring AF. If I wasn’t a student of film and media I wouldn’t have given many of them a second viewing. The Shining is a prime example. Nearly every shot has been the inspiration for countless directors of horror films especially. So much so that The Shining is not even scary anymore but rather just a series of what become tropes after generations of an entire genre borrowing from it. Everything is a remix.


if u didnt kno the artists u wud tink its low budget music video shot in 2 different rooms and
the script goes like:
fade in
2 girls shaking on bed and walkin around
fade out
but it was prob quite expensive shoot :joy:

but for understandin part, commenters prob young who dont watch old movies like 2001
even i prob wudnt haf watched 2001 if wasnt really into movies, and Kubrick one of muh favs


My favorite Kubrick movie is ‘Barry Lyndon’

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Something from a conversation that turned into a collaboration between @Autotunafish, myself and Midjourney. This is as good a place for it as any?
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Sighted our iconic “Z” logo on the CNBC Crypto World segment this week.