TREZOR Founder and CTO: RIP Zcash

No reason for TREZOR to say this. They want crypto to live, to sell more wallet. Do you all understand simple truth? New tax (dev fund) will kill Zcash!

i remember that tuur’s tweet. it was like “bad press” event in legacy markets.
this is a normal reaction on such a well baked fud.) but trezor… its just trezor. that day was rip zcash. if future will be better - will be “introducing zcash branded trezors”. nothing special. anyway, i prefer ledger nano.))

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Tuur’s tweet was misinformed. Look through the replies.


After the “rectification” from daira and explaining what she had in mind it turned out it was some kind of misinformation.
But the whole misinformation thing, in my opinion, was only possible because important things have not been mentioned clear enough upfront that would prevent wrong interpretations. Sure, the guys/girls being there and followed closely might have gotten the whole message what is meant with it, but can you (in generally) really await that everybody watch long videos (which than back wasn’t even available yet!). I than back good fooled as well at the same time and believed these “news” until clarification was made.

I mean posts like this left all doors open for speculation:

Maybe a better message upfront or clarification how this is meant would have prevented the misinformation and speculation?

This was a bad advice. Readed them all, it’s astonishing how many people literally seem to hate Zcash…

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Supporting the development of Zcash will make it more usable by more people.

doesn’t matter how much venom they spit. they’re really going to hate zcash when our bull cycle is on full blast! kekekekek

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you honestly believe unfunded projects will outlast funded projects?

I think there are weaknesses in both assumptions:

  • a new dev fund, neither none such will kill Zcash
  • there are no unfunded projects, every project has some funds even if they are only donated.

I personally think that that the assumption that further funding will kill Zcash is totally wrong. Actually in my opinion it’s the only possible option with the ECC’s background.
Could a new def fund hurt Zcash? Yes. Could a new def fund attract new investors? Yes. Could various dev fund options play a different role in the outcome? I think yes.

Someone can only guess what the final outcome with a new dev fund will be short, mid and long term, but assuming it would kill Zcash is plain wrong and extremely unlogical.

My personal prediction with a new dev fund is that it could have maybe a negative short term impact, would be balanced out mid term and would have a (very) big positive long term impact, enough the ECC/ZF can deliver with these funds. But that’s just my personal opinion.


development can be funded even by whales e.g. major beneficiaries behind the scenes through various methods if they will decide to continue a venture. i think the main and idea of current funding affair is obtaining some public answer: is it good to change consensus, one of holy cows of old-god-bitcoin, for the better future of the zcash? maybe i’m wrong as i often am, but i think this is a main case.


Tax is not same as funding.

Tax vs Investment (community, miner, business, whales, founder reward people)

Communism vs Capitalism

Why are you connecting tax with communism that makes zero sense?
Are you not aware that communism is supposed to lead to the abolition of nation states and taxation in general?

so-called “tax” is the mechanism that facilitates funding. i’ll ask again - do you honestly believe unfunded projects will outlast funded projects?

of course not. the problem is (in)visible source of funding. crypto is now about insane greed. so, funding from magical somewhere, which then will be dumped on you, or maybe others if you are lucky enough to get out in time - this is good for %cryptocurrency%. explicit funding - waaat? reeee! this is a current narrative in crypto. and its partialy reasonable because of all the damage ico’s did, that scammed/wasted zillions of dollars of funds, presumably allocated for building their projects. its also partionally reasonable for zcash as well, because people want visible and sizable results in short or at least not overextented time. and number up ofc.

It’s not a tax unless you’re forced to pay it. For example, the Founders’ Reward is not a tax because you don’t have to use Zcash. You could analogize Zcash to a nation-state, but that’s a stretch IMO.

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To stretch it in another way, just out of fun and not that seriously. Income tax isn’t a a tax because you don’t have to work at all if you don’t want… Or your car tax isn’t a tax, nobody forces you to have a car …

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I know you mentioned it is for fun, but still it’s not a good analogy:

You have plenty of similar projects out there that are not with the FR feature.

You can’t go out here and buy something similar to a car (please don’t say bus or train :slight_smile:) that won’t ask for a similar tax,… ( if that pops out, he country I’m in will tax it pretty fast :slight_smile: )

Same with work …

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Yeah, it was indeed pretty for fun, lol. However, as a non-native speaker i look sometimes up defininations. Maybe this one is more serious how tax seems to be definded widely:


noun, often attributive

\ ˈtaks \

Definition of tax

(Entry 1 of 3)

1a : a charge usually of money imposed by authority on persons or property for public purposes

b : a sum levied on members of an organization to defray expenses

2 : a heavy demand


Miners invested in ASIC equipement, where can they go?

Husband hits wife. Can she leave? What about money, children?

Easy to say “opt-in”. Same asTrump, “if you don’t like it, leave”

Reality is not simple!

Dev fund is a tax. Redistribute miner reward. Socialism.

Free market can provide funding. Business, investors, community. Proof? VC already invest in Zcash company.

Maybe dev fund fans are scared to find out the truth.

I’am not going argue about the tax definition as i made my comments more as some fun factor but this argument isn’t entirely true as the equipement is bought after someone is aware of the “tax”/fee.
It would be as you say IF you buy first the equipement/hardware and at a later point a tax/fee gets added that did not excist bevor.

As said, i’am neutral on this topic.