Trick for using less power?

Long story short…

I threw together a little miner with some pieces I had laying about, but I always knew I’d be close to the bone in terms of PSU usage, however it looks like I was TOO close.
After the EWBF CUDA miner fires up and the GPUs kick in, the entire PC powers off.

I set --intensity 1,1 in start.bat as a test and it still dies.

Is there anything else I might try… short of getting a new PSU :smiley:

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How much is your power supply and how much gpus are you using ?

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Actually… stupid me.
Realised my MSI Afterburner wasn’t up and running.
So I cranked that up… took 0.1v off each of the 2 cards and that seems to have brought me back to the realm of stability :smiley:

At the end of the day, I was just curious if there was another option that you can put in the .bat file other than --intensity that might have an effect on how much power you’re drawing.