True or fake Leak Zcash/ JPMorgan?

I would place this well into the questionable category.

JP Morgan and Zcash developers worked together awhile ago to add a private layer to thier Quroum Blockchain: so that part is old news.

The second part where this post starts going off the rails is talking about a ZEC/JPM coin “merger” backed by silver? How would that even work?


The more likely case would be that J.P. Morgan decided to drop their coin initiative alltogether and decide to use Zcash (already great) for their purposes. It’s hard to imagine Zcash users, who place a high value privacy, all of the sudden wanting to merge with a large bank-created coin. Someone pumping JPM would have everything to gain from a speculative story like this.

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This is completely made up.


I as well think its completly made up, but how can we know that for sure? I mean Zcash is open source and they could do whatever they want with the code without notifying any Zcash Dev, not?

I’m super sick of seeing this idiotic LARP. Some people are pretty gullible.