Two days mining and nothing to show for it!

hi there. Mined for two days with cpu and achieved 3877 equihash solver runs. Nothing has showed up in my wallet. Is it too little to register? or is there something I have to do to get the amount into the wallet?

I got a new address and deposited a small amount of ZEC into the wallet. So I know the wallet works.

I am not sure if I understand you correctly but I will try to answer you,
The pool is set to payout a minimun of 0.001 zec at 0.5% fee, so there are a few things you are looking for to get a payout.
1 the percentage of a current block, and how much work have you provided to that current block and if at the end a block is found at all, so after lets say a couple of days worth of mining you reach 0.001 uncomfirmed ZECs only then you will receive 0.001 - 0.5& zec in your wallet.
I hope i am correct!!

Though you can mine ZCash with a CPU you will mine for 4 to 8 weeks before you have enough for a payout. To see any real gain/returns you need a GPU, and depending on the GPU and how many you have it could still take a day or two.

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It actually sounds like you might be solo mining on your CPU with the default miner? If so you’d need to actually find a block to get paid (and there is practically a 0% chance of that happening). If you actually do want to accumulate a bit with your CPU then you will need to pool mine likely using a variant of nheqminer.

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CPU mining = bad.
GPU ftw

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Yeah… CPU mining takes too much power to justify. Plus, I think Equihash is a bit more memory intensive. It’s why people are on here with Nvidia 1070s with 8GB each. Get you some of those, and you should be able to get waaaay more than 3.8k out of two days.

You can put your CPU to work finding crypto by folding@home, also contributes to scientific medical research which is worth way more, essentially can you get paid 1337 which is exchangeable currently for 1 satoshi, .00003637 ltc, .00002800 eth, or .029 doge, your CPU(s) and/or gpu(s) do mathematical computations concerning protein structures and what they do, its developed by stanford university and runs flawlessly, pays usually a few thousand 1337 every week (if you set it up right) plus your helping to advance science that could potentially cure illnesses

And just in case you’re curious,
1- install a 1337 wallet from the link at
2- install the F@H client from the stanfod university folding@home page, set up is easy, if it doesnt recognize a cpu/gpu, youll just have to create a slot in the client configure settings, easy peazy
3- in configure settings, identity
A- set you name your 1337 address
B- set your team to 233050 (1337 foundations team number)
If you use another team number or a name besides your address, you wont be credited 1337 although you will recieve points for folding. They’re 2 different things but can sometimes affect each other. With 1337 foundation payouts, 100k 1337 (i believe) per week is divided by the number of team workers, gives an intitial base payout number. Workers who get that number in points or greater, recieve the adjusted base payout. Workers who get total points less than the base payout number recieve an amount equal to their points earned, which is what actually adjusts the base payout either up or down. Very similar to pool mining.

Heres the current standings

Dear Creed,
Thanks for your reply. You basically told me what I suspected that
mining with a CPU is a waste of time.

Veggieman. (I think I will stick to gardening. I hope to plant some
strawberries plants tomorrow!)

Zcash cpu mining is a waste of time, folding for 1337 isn’t really profitable but youll get something within the first few weeks, oddly enough i usually buy doge or ltc with it and then zcash (on cryptopia)
Edit-its the only way i know of to utilize your cpu and old gpus that aren’t good enough for mining to still find crypto

do you mine alone or with the pool?

try cryptonight. it is an algo created for cpu mining. the best coin in electroneum. wiht my i7 4770k I get 0.25$ profit a day