Two random ideas someone should apply for grant money for

Hey folks! Here are two random things that I wish someone would propose to the Foundation that the Foundation fund it. [Note Bene: I am not part of the Foundation and I have no insight or control over what they will or won’t fund.]

  1. A detailed cryptanalytic evaluation of MiMCHash.

MiMCHash may turn out to be the single most important performance improvement in any successor to Zcash Sapling (whether in Zcash or in some other coin or other shielded payment system in the future).

How secure it is (at what number of rounds, i.e. what efficiency level) is so important for future shielded payment systems (i.e. successors to Zcash Sapling), that it could determine what proving systems (i.e. Groth-JubJub-SNARKs, STARKs, Bulletproofs, etc.) are practical for those.

  1. A Stellar↔Zcash gateway. (Like the one that was, to my disappointment, rejected from the first round of Foundation grants).