Understanding zk-SNARKs educational session

The Zcash Foundation is collaborating with the Zcash Company to ramp up Zcash education/outreach.

One of the first projects is a Google hangout/livestream this Friday (May 5th) to discuss and answer questions about zk-SNARKs. Ariel Gabizon (@arielgabizon) , ZcashCo engineer and author of the Explaining zk-SNARK blog series will be available to help anyone interested in understanding zk-SNARKs better. If you haven't checked the series out yet, start at part 1 and bring your questions to the hangout on Friday!

The event starts at 9:00 PT/noon ET/16:00 UTC.

Folks can watch live and ask questions in the comments or the chatbox. Or if you'd like to be involved in the conversation, you can request an invite to join the hangout. Leave a comment here if you'd like to be invited. :slight_smile:

The hangout will be livestreamed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNS_ttTj1KE