Unique value proposition for Zcash?

What is the unique value proposition of Zcash? Why Zcash and not bitcoin or ethereum.

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How is this different from Darkcoin? that mixes things up and you can never trace who sent what. How will this work with KYC laws?

How does mixing work with kyc?

btw Mixing provides a degree of privacy through obfuscation, ZCash protected coins provide even less information to track transactions and users.

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yea, one doesn’t publish it ( Zcash), but darkcoin completely rambles the pot and there is no way of knowing.
So I am still asking the question, what is that unique value proposition that Zcash provides?

Why refer to dash as darkcoin might as well call it xcoin that was the original name

Zcash provides stronger anonymity guarantees with weaker assumptions.

Every other anonymizing tech currently in existence achieves their anonymity by burying the signal in a bunch of noise and hoping no one spends the time and resources to find it.

Zcash actually removes the signal altogether.