Viewing key - how to obtain that?

I send zcash from one z-address to another z-address. how do i obtain the viewing key to prove that i have executed this transfer successfully to prove to the recipient or 3rd party for verification? Is there some documentation on this to refer to? thanks in advance

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There is not yet a provision for this in the API, unfortunately. You would have to edit the source code of zcashd to parse the viewing key out of the protocol. Interested? :slight_smile:

hi zooko. haha. as much as that sounds really interesting, unfortunately not a developer here :slight_smile: Most willing to alpha beta charlie test it though :slight_smile:

I would have thought this would be one of the most critical feature to have before the launch since that is the key differentiation of zcash private transactions - how else would ppl be able to easily engage in disputes of transactions if everything was private? do correct me if my understanding of this is totally off - simply a lay person reading the concept and trying his hand at 1st time mining a coin here.

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No, you’re right, viewing keys are an important feature and make Zcash’s privacy more useful. I’m sorry there isn’t support for them in the API yet! We just ran out of time to finish everything that we wanted to before the 1.0 release.


any news about viewing key features?
It’s the only thing that i need to use only z-address

This address generator (GitHub - FiloSottile/zcash-mini: A minimal portable Zcash z-address generator for offline / paper wallets) generate viewing key.