Want a ZCAP invite?

Per the recent ZF announcement, the ZCAP (Zcash Community Advisory Panel) is being expanded. I am a ZCAP member in good standing and so have been offered to extend an invitation to one other person to join the ZCAP. I do not personally know anyone who is not on the ZCAP but wants to be, so I thought I’d extend the invitation to anyone here who meets the following criteria:

  1. They are not already on the ZCAP, and
  2. They want to be on the ZCAP and believe they’d help make the best decisions for Zcash, and
  3. They are willing to share their email address with me via DM so I can give it to the ZF; all of the ZCAP communication is done via email. I will delete the email address from my DMs and email history once I have passed it on to the ZF.

If you are interested, simply reply to this thread saying “I’m interested”. Feel free to add some more info about yourself, why you want to be on the ZCAP or think you should receive an invitation, links to any notable contributions to the Zcash community, etc but don’t feel obligated to – I will do a quick look through the forum history of everyone who replies and filter out anyone who looks like an obviously bad choice (not that I expect anyone to be, but you know how people on the internet can be) and then I will semi-randomly select someone. Like, draw a name from a hat or something, idk. I haven’t actually thought that far ahead yet and it depends on how many people reply.

The deadline to reply to this thread is December 10th so I can pick someone and let the ZF know who it is by December 13th.


Yes, I would like a ZCAP invitation.

A little about myself: I’m an empirical microeconomist who has recently been researching privacy improvements for Monero and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

In September, I submitted a 28-page document to Monero’s Vulnerability Response Process which contained a practical statistical attack on Monero user privacy as well as a plan to overhaul part of Monero’s protocol to defend against a certain class of statistical attacks. I have been funded for 171 XMR through the Monero Project’s crowdfunding system to carry out this research plan. Very preliminary results from an initial dry run using the old Moser et al. (2018) data is available here.

As for BCH, I am examining the strength of privacy offered by CashFusion, an implementation of the CoinJoin protocol for BCH. In the near term, that involves maintaining and improving fusionstats.redteam.cash and developing an R package for statistical analysis of the BCH blockchain. The BCH community has funded me for 18 BCH to carry out the first phase of this effort.

Through a ZCAP seat hopefully I could help improve Zcash’s privacy as well.


I’d very much like an invite as well! Happy to discuss further.

You must award ZCAP invite to @Rucknium He is a great Monero community member in good standing. His opinion, together with other great Monero community members like @sgp is essential to Zcash. Where would you be without your older brother when you drop your ice cream?

Nah we are good. We dont need any monero community members anywhere near Zcash. Not only is it not essential. But the opposite, it would be detrimental to Zcash to have monero community member on ZCAP or anywhere else. We have all seen what the monero community is like this past week. We dont want anyone affiliated with that toxic, bullying community. What a nice welcoming community it is; clobbering Cakewallet into submission. Nah we would rather pass on monero community members.

I hope others here can use their critical thinking skills on this matter and recognize the deep irony in @gottabeJay 's statement.

Perhaps you could address the bullying and threats of boycotting Cakewallet from the monero community members. And then we can talk about ‘deep irony’.

I cannot and will not be held responsible for others’ actions. I personally will not be boycotting CakeWallet. As I stated in another comment, I think it is a good thing that CakeWallet is adding Zcash.


Everyone interested can make their case on forum post or reach out to existing ZCAP member on why they need to be on ZCAP & how they can help make Zcash better.

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Well, thats awesome that you think that adding Zcash to Cakewallet is a good idea; clearly a different opinion to the majority of monero users making their views known on r/monero. But i dont think it matters if some monero users dont mind. Cakewallet have already surrendered. The vast majority of monero members on reddit clearly disagree with your position. It is not essential as @make_xmr_great_again said, for Zcash. Just being from the monero community is not enough to get my support.

Your points on to why you think you should get the ZCAP invite have nothing to do with my response to @make_xmr_great_again

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Be careful when making sweeping generalizations about groups of people. Simply because someone participates in another community is not grounds for exclusion of ZCAP or the Zcash community.

There are always going to be bad apples in any group who are not interested in collaboration, and would rather try to cause drama and be negative. But don’t let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch.

Also, as has been discussed before, some prominent Monero community members are already in ZCAP.


I agree with this sentiment, there are certainly people in the XMR community that are not antagonistic to ZCASH.

And as far as @Rucknium is concerned I have not seen any evidence that this person is a bad actor.

However since the ZCAP expands by members inviting people that they want to join and since we have no mechanism to remove existing ZCAP, members who are acting in bad faith, I think that we should be very cautious with adding members from a community that has a majority of people who hate ZEC with a passion.

Honestly I would much rather implement a mechanism to remove bad actors from the ZCAP than having to be cautious all the time.


Currently inactive ZCAP members will be dropped from ZCAP if they are inactive according to ZF latest blog.

Yes you are correct. I meant to say existing ZCAP members who would act in bad faith. i corrected my original post.

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Sweeping generalizations are generally not a good idea.

I echo @alexontelegram 's view; there are certainly monero community member who have no issues with Zcash.

But what ive seen on r/monero these members are a tiny minority and get put in place if they dissent. As one dev put it, they have “ideologically problematic” issues with Zcash https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/r5b48b/grow_up/hmmwz34/?context=3. That is, unfortunatly the majority feeling on r/monero at least.

We should ask questions. be inquisitive, be open minded, hear out different perspectives, welcome constructive criticism and be a welcoming commnity for all. but know the the people who dislike you for ‘ideological reasons’.

I echo this as well.


@john-light The deadline is Monday. It looks like two of us are interested. So, coin flip? Dice roll? Transformed hash of a Zcash block?

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will pick tonight! haven’t decided how yet


Im interested and would be honored to be apart of ZCAP.
I started off in the crypto ecosystem in 2016 at 18 with no financial literacy when it came to properly evaluating different coins. I started researching day in and out and ZCash caught my eye. I come from a first generation immigrant household and my dream was to find a way to protect my families future income while also remaining as financially private as possible, as the oldest, this was my responsibility. Financial privacy among cryptos is a thesis I believe is the most overlooked since the hype-cycle of newer and shinier L1’s hit the scene. Besides this I have been a steady believer and constant buyer of ZEC since 2017 because ZCash is perfect recipe for a Web3 world. A private store of value that is fair-launched, stood the test of multiple cycles creating a lindy effect, and decentralized supply/ token economics. I wrote a few think pieces/ tweets that I will link below from the perspective of a GenZ trader/investor. I try to help be a voice in the community and I believe being apart of an advisory that aligns with my values is something that could impact people. I hope to get some feedback by my fellow ZODLERS here.

Links to ZCash thoughts:


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just replied, i hope to be considered as well :slight_smile:

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I have drawn a name from a hat and DMed the person who was chosen. Thank you to everyone who expressed their interest. If you did not get picked, be aware that there are other ways to join and the ZF is looking at adding more ways in the future!

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