Welcome to me in this forum

hello i am new on here. Let’s talk to each with another

Hello :slightly_smiling_face: welcome

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Sounds familiar → Hello Everybody - #4 by Shawn

What up?

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Something strange about these posts :thinking:

Its a Bot searching top and bottom to find a friend

Highly suspicious.

Tineye bring this image to https://archinect.com a University of Pennsylvania, picture first uploaded in 2013…

lets flag it? maybe a drastic decision, but if you want to talk you don’t disappear for over 15h. am I wrong?

Time of subscription and post count creates some sort of trustworthiness.

If you are a scammer you would have a script to register many profiles in various forums and make them post once a while and when the time comes you’d post in a thread a somewhat related post baked with your links.

This forum had(and has) many profiles acting like this.

How times have changed when a bunch of regulars debate how to handle a thread that says Welcome to me

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