What does success look like for the Foundation's grant program?


Yeah, I think multiple wallet business models are fine. Some can be for-profit businesses, some can be sponsored (as with zec-qt-wallet), some can be FL/OSS projects maintained out of love (also zec-qt-wallet — and WinZec, since AFAIK fees don’t pay for WinZec’s development costs), etc. Maybe Patreon-esque funding by will be viable at some point.

That said, I do not fully understand the privacy implications of some wallets having no fees and others having fees of various sizes.

Anyway, longterm, wallet-makers are gonna do whatever they want and we can’t stop them :stuck_out_tongue:


Success is seeing the ZCash logo at every physical point of purchase (POP) location anywhere major credit cards are accepted and on every internet site selling anything. It should be used by Suzie Soccer Mom and crypto kiddies both. It should be easy to earn and simple to convert ZEC from fiat. Ultimately adoption should be the the objective and anything other than that is the tail wagging the dog…

I’m not convinced that any wallet developed by ZCash Co/Foundation should have a fee attached to it since the goal of this crypto experiment is widespread user adoption. Any fee at all may be in tension with that even though a 0.0001 ZEC fee would be trivial (0.25 cents if ZEC = 2500 USD).

However, this is not to mean that independent developers should not be able to charge a fee. They’re different and if someone develops a high speed, low drag cool a$$ ZEC wallet that does everything but fold the laundry and walk the dog, then they should be paid for it.

Lastly, I recally @zooko discussing the relationship between fixed wallet fees and the potential for privacy concerns. Perhaps the Foundation/Co can come up with some type of “Standard Fee Calculation Model” wallets should use to ensure random transaction fees to protect privacy.


0.0001 ZEC would be 25 cents if 1 ZEC were 2500 USD.

(This is not a price prediction. :wink: )


This is why I said it should be done inhouse, that way its being funded by the founders rewards. Pushing the fees off to the end user seems wrong. You want the Zcash users to pay for the wallets?

I find it odd you guys dont have a Zcash official wallet.

How is the Zcash users suppose to use your network? You guys are relying on 3rd parties to continue to support your products, this seems like it could be dangerous if they decide to stop(unlikely but is a chance).

I need to rely 100% on third party services, that charge me EXTRA fees just to use your product. This is terrible design no?

I have to trust that people have vetted the open source code, or even trust using a closed source wallet.

Why dont we have a official Zcash wallet in production? Im curious what the thought process is as to why there isnt a official wallet worked on inhouse and expect us to use a third party service that might not always be there.

The problem is its a 3rd party services, not that it has fees. Every update if you want to be safe you have to check the commits to make sure no rogue dev commited something that might steal your keys.

You cant be sure who has access to the Git repos of these wallets or who will gain access, look at what happened recently with Bitcoin Private. Supposedly a rogue dev with commit access added code that premined coins without anyone knowing. This is the problems I have with 3rd party NON official wallets. Its a vector of attack for users.


Its kinda funny you disagree with me saying passing fees to the end user of Zcash is bad.

Why does a coin like Zcash not have an official wallet, I find that hard to understand. Wallets are the most important things a user is going to interact with, and you are relying on third parties to do this for you.

I think its kinda lazy of Zcash to not have a official wallet, and im forced to use a third parties that might not be there in the future and has other security issues, and relying on 3rd parties for the most important thing I am going to use when using Zcash.

Wallets are one of the most important tools Zcash users are going to use when transacting with your coins.

Would this be considered the official wallet now?

PS: zec-qt-wallet is NOT an official wallet, and is not affiliated with the Zerocoin Electric Coin Company in any way.

If all 3rd parties stopped development on the wallets, how would you expect users to use your network?(not saying this will happen). You would think having a wallet for your users would be one of the first steps to getting people to adoption.



the coming light wallet would probably be considered official but as you can see the idea of Zcash Co’s officiality over Zcash itself is kind of steered away from


I’am as well a believer that there should be an inhouse wallet.

While the slogan “What if Zcash company turns evil” sounds good, the chance that an outsourced wallet “producer” might get evil is higher in my opinion.

I remember a situation with the WinZec wallet some months back where we witnessed that an outside controlled wallet may not follow a given update/upgrade. I was all for radix support and understand his reasons, but than again, the user and ZEC holder has no vault in such situation.

The current qt-wallet is superb, the dev working on it as well. Me personally would like to see this as the officially wallet maintained and funded by the Zcash company or foundation.

Wallet fees might be controversey in my opinion as this immediatly reminds us somehow about banks. On the other hand nothing can be really for free and last long.

Maybe a fair point would be having an officially qt wallet maintained for free by the company/foundation as long as Dev miner rewards are received. Ones the funding stops switching to wallet fee for maintance. Just a suggestion.

Main point i wanted to make is that there should be an official inhouse wallet. If someone is not comfortable with using the official wallet there are and will be a lot of other 3rd party options available anyway.


The Foundation is funding it! https://z.cash.foundation/blog/wallet-agreements/


It might be funded by the foundation, but i think this is not the same like an official inhouse wallet and maintained by the foundation. It’s still a 3rd party wallet that way, not?


Nope, it’s in our GitHub repo: https://github.com/ZcashFoundation/zec-qt-wallet

@adityapk00 is effectively acting as a contractor for the Foundation. And we’re super glad to be working with him! Like you said, he’s a great developer (and patient with support questions too, from what I’ve seen).

Aditya and @acityinohio, please correct me if I’m missing legal nuance above.


That’s really good than. As said allready, he seems to be really responsive, considering suggestions and doing a reall good job. Thumbs up for the choice the foundation made on contracting him!