What is your vision for Zcash?

Hi everyone,

I’m curious to hear everyone’s vision for Zcash. I’d really love to hear from as many people as possible. And if you’ve already written about it extensively, please comment a link to what you’ve already written.

So please share, What is Your Vision for Zcash?

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This is a possible future I can imagine and would advocate for. A lot of the tech to enable it I swear I talk about at least once a week so I won’t bore this thread with the details :joy:.


Private Money.


ZECPages. It’s what got me more interested in the application of a truly anonymous platform.


We asked folks on Twitter what they thought. It seems the overwhelming majority want digital cash that can be used everywhere.

As such, it seems totally good that we have two core organizations working on protocol level things. I’m bullish on everything that ECC and ZF are doing at the fundamental level for digital cash.

I think the “can be used everywhere” part is what needs improvement.

Agree or disagree?



But… I wonder if it’s the wrong question. At some stage in the future (~5years?) every crypto and its NFT cousin will be accepted as forms of payment “everywhere” (e.g. flexa). ZEC won’t be the first, and it won’t be the last. My fear? Why would the other 99% of the population who have never heard of Zcash use it over some future Zdoge?


Sound electric money.
(Sound can be a somewhat general term but its definition here is implicit enough)

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Yes agree. We need more places to use Zcash.

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My vision is that Zcash should be digital cash.

For getting there, I believe we need a super-smooth UX for users (wallets, payment apps, etc.), and we need a P2P on-ramp.

For example, Zcash, as it is right now, is fully capable of being the method of choice to send remittances to developing countries. Why isn’t it? Because once someone receives Zcash, they have a tough time converting Zcash to the local fiat. Waiting for these countries to implement the regulatory frameworks that would allow for a crypto-exchange to exist and plug into a banking system that often still runs on paper documents means we will have to wait for centuries. However, if a Bisq-like tool existed for people to swap ZEC for fiat peer-to-peer, in a trustless manner, we would be able to get far closer to the network state, far sooner.


new order - blue monday

i think im in the wrong thread

Should I try answering my own question?

Thinking about this in context of Zcash Media I think some really solid “meet the team” documentary and advertising would really help. I think the general public would feel reassured knowing there are smart, intelligent, trustworthy faces behind a crypto they are considering using for their day-to-day transactions.

I think the question is, as we approach this future where crypto is basically accepted everywhere, and the price of ZEC is 100x where is it today, is the community willing to support spending $100,000,000s a year on advertising?

Outside Zcash Media I think some really solid and innovative custodial wallets are also needed. I’m not convinced the general public want to walk around with $XXXXs worth of crypto on their phone or manage cold storage.


Hi there!

I’m relatively new to the community, but you’ve probably read me here on the forum, on Twitter and on Telegram. I’m an enthusiast of Zcash and its technology, and with just a few months of experience in cryptocurrencies, beyond what one reads in specialized blogs.

My opinion as a newcomer enthusiast and citizen of a country with a deep economic crisis (Venezuela)?

I think Zcash is an EXCEPTIONAL idea. It offers immense advantages to those of us who use it and its technology is a point of support and reference for the entire crypto universe today.

I’m going to talk about 3 brands and their particular cases: GoDaddy, Windows and McDonald’s, as an example.

Those who have a bit of experience with web hosting, will know that GoDaddy IS NOT the best hosting company for websites. Their service is poor and their features are minimal compared to other hosting companies. But GoDaddy is the most popular, the most known. Everyone knows GoDaddy and when they think of hosting is the first thing that comes to mind.

In the case of Windows something similar happens. Linux offers unique and amazing things that neither Mac nor Windows offers. But it has little adoption. People know that Linux exists, that it’s good, but they prefer Windows. We’ve ALL used Windows at one time or another. Windows is massive, like Bitcoin.

With McDonald’s, the same thing: when people talk about fast food, burgers or fries, the first thing that comes to their minds is McDonald’s. But there are many other options! Cheaper and tastier, no doubt.

What do GoDaddy, Windows and McDonalds have in common? They have all the world’s attention! Why? Because everyone is talking about them (even though there are many, many better options).

Marketing, repetition, big deals that have made them MASSIVE. Those are the characteristics of them.

The same thing happens, from my point of view, with Bitcoin and Zcash. Everyone talks, teaches and explains Bitcoin, but there are many other currencies with different characteristics, and Zcash leads the list as different, secure, private, transparent.

After all this talk, how do I see Zcash? As a project in which there is still a lot to be done. In marketing, in diffusion, in agreements, in alliances.

I think Zcash has everything it takes to lead the crypto market, but people don’t see it. Why? Is it because people don’t care about their financial security? Is it because Bitcoin is worth more?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that Zcash needs those of us who live in its ecosystem to be influencers, replicators of its features and advantages, and to collaborate in its adoption. Bitcoin enthusiasts do this naturally, so why don’t Zcash enthusiasts do more?

Forgive my long-winded opinion/reflection.


My vision is aligned to what DCG has described for years. A private digital asset network, with a store of value coin that is transacted on its base layer.
The Zcash Investment Thesis - Grayscale®