Idea: ZF & Bootstrap merger

What if we merge existing non-profit organizations & also create new kind of on-chain organization, that funds devs in ZEC. (So, Zcash Bootstrap — US non-profit + Zcash DAO — can be registered with Wyoming & become legal DAO in US) . This way if there is an attack on Zcash in US, there will be one organization (Zcash DAO) left to continue Zcash mission. Zcash devs can be directly funded via DAO if there is ever an attack.

ZF & ECC existence means each one will keep the other one in check but I feel it is not necessary for success of Zcash. Whatever ZF and ECC individually does, can be done faster with single centralized entity. There are definitely some things that are redundant amongst two organizations. Internal conflicts are faster to resolve, there is clear decision maker for each issue. No reason to communicate every single issue with community. New decentralized entity (DAO?) will ensure any dev in the world can contribute to Zcash & earn ZEC.

We need to seriously consider this possibility :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:


Agree. Zcash could take some lessons from ShapeShift’s decentralization into a DAO.


If anyone is interested in being part of Zcash DAO please DM me on forums. I hope to see leaders showing interest in funding Zcash goods. I have a few candidates in mind.

Note that Zcash DAO would be funded on-chain.

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Two separate things need to happen:

  1. ZF + ECC merger — Zcash Bootstrap Foundation

  2. Zcash DAO — we are in 2021 & this is the way to run organizations. So a committee to research & come up with best setup is needed (I know there are few candidates already started looking into this on forums).

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We have no idea about the structure of Bootstrap. I have asked for documents, and was told to go pound sand.

The website looks neat but no additional info, it might be the IRS just taking their sweet time

Actually I think I remember Josh mentioning that they did recieve their determination letter

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I was told that due to a previous SEC battle, the word DAO is now a legal red flag. It’s advisable to call it anything else. I’ve been referring to “outposts”: decentralized stores of value for Zcash operations and governance. Summer homes?


This is one area of concern. Another is understanding token issuance, how to mitigate Sybil attacks, and ensuring that cooperating malicious actors do not have a majority of voting control.