What OS are you Using to mine Zcash?

I am using Ethos, but I will be switching over to windows soon with Awesome Miner to monitor everything.

EthOS lacks so much in regards to code, and the small little LLC blacklisted me and cut off my readings to the panels I paid to have. All records of conversations have been printed, but I am not going anywhere with this for now. I would like to hear what everyone is using and try to steer people away from ethOS.

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I prefer Ubuntu 16 (Linux) or Lubuntu if it’s an older machine. I find its very easy/quick to install and works with 99% of the Zcash miners I’ve used.

Edit: I have to say that I’ve had bad luck trying to run Claymores Zcash miner on Ubuntu 16, but it depends on your set up…YMMV

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PiMP For the Win!

Just for context I’m a long time ethOS user and have found the latest 1.2 to be rock solid. I did experience an issue with panel access but a simple email resolved that in minutes.


I used EthOS briefly about 10 months ago, but I get the best performance mining ETH with Windows. I switch to mining ZEC when profitability dictates.