What to build?

The @zomg published our draft whitepaper in June 2021. In it are many suggestions for projects that our community builders can work on.

We’d like to host live discussions with interested builders in order to stimulate interest in some of these projects. We’d also like to understand what barriers they may face (so we can help to solve them!).

Whitepaper: zomg/ZOMG_whitepaper_v1.0_published.pdf at master · ZcashFoundation/zomg · GitHub

If you’d like to join, please fill in this Google Form so we can get organized: https://forms.gle/6WnyEKQNrTiQiojVA

Note that we will be gatekeeping the sessions in order to keep them small and productive. We intend to host more than one such session.


So finally after 4 tries, I’ve finished reading the entire ZOMG white paper. I see that a lot of effort went in to putting it together and I believe the stakeholder segmentation is a strong foundation, which can be used to categorize grants & call for RFPs from the broader crypto community.

Personally, I would like to see RFPs for the Media, narrative & advocacy from contributors with experience in crypto media & outreach to strenghten the Zcash value proposition with the Exchanges, Institutional/Business users, and everyday crypto investors with a possibly unified narrative. We’ve seen many new users flock to well marketed coins(example Chainlink), which are yet to build out their potential and rely on third-party chains; but still they’ve managed to capture the interest of a wide variety of users.

Overall, I am happy we have a structure in place, and I’d be signing up to join the brainstorming session.


Haha, sorry it was so dense as to require the determination of four attempts to read it. I am hoping to create a user-friendly interactive website version of it, though I am gated by funding from ZF (ZOMG itself doesn’t seem to be able to spend any funds independently, which has been a problem for speed and quality of execution).

I will be organizing the calls soon. Look forward to chatting live!


I havent had time to read this yet I will get to it over the weekend.

it looks really good.

one idea i want to kina lay claim to or a least be considered to be invoved would be zcash based stable coins, either through zda’s, pegging (via arbitrage through zfnd funds) or an honest to goodness zecstable (ive been reading about usdt and usc privacy versions.)

This is important to me as an mgrc recipient. you lose upto 9% of funds z2z btc to gbp. a lot of us exchanges wont deal with euro or stering, coinbase for example is virtually impossible to withdraw funds. A lot of exhanges use that model and people accept it because thats how banks work - it is a signficant risk mitigation to use a stable coin.

i will get you some more constructive feedback on the stuff ou wrote

Algorand recently went live on Gitcoin with a bunch of RFPs (including non-dev ones) worth checking out : Issue Explorer | Gitcoin