What will happen with the end of the development fund?

What will happen with the end of the development fund? Will this increase Zcash adoption? What is the real problem with the development fund?


the companies who are receiving funds today will find investors and be accountable to those investors for their performance.

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the companies that are receiving funds today have more then enough funds to continue for one or even more years.

we don’t need investors! what we need is a funding model that is working, respected and safe for the future!


surely it can have positive impact if t-address and dev fund are gone

it becomes more like btc ltc bch xmr grin

true decentralization & grass root community project


(Not speaking on behalf of ZF; purely personal opinion)

That’s the big question. While the orgs burn the existing funds I think things will stay mostly the same, with some spending cuts (e.g. maybe Zcons won’t happen).

After the funds end, I have honestly no idea. I don’t think donations will be able to keep them running since we seem to be falling in a vicious cycle of having less users, thus less donations, thus less funds to improve Zcash and attract new users. I also have no idea about investors, I fear those would come with a lot of strings attached that might compromise what the orgs can work on.

If the orgs do have to shut down, I think that will basically mean the end of Zcash protocol development. It requires expertise that is hard to find in volunteers.

And I also am pretty sure (as in: my totally personal opinion based on just a hunch) that if the dev fund ends, it will not increase the price of ZEC.


it’s time for new leadership: people who understand volatility matters when it comes to a currency (zec is not a viable fiat like currency), who understand customers need to pay for the product used (zcash doesn’t provide a decentralized framework for developers to create or get paid), and who believe in an open and decentralized development ecosystem not controlled by centralized orgs. Decentralization can’t happen until developers are able to directly charge customers at the transaction level. Putting orgs in charge of grants won’t work as envisioned in my opinion (they just are not good at allocating capital to its best use). To illustrate, a developer wanted to get money to fund a zcash project. I suggested they fund the project personally and charge a fee to recover the investment and make a profit. The developer reply was they didn’t think their project idea would ever generate enough fees to recover the development time. So it’s these types of ideas zec holders fund which over time creates a crushing maintenance spend, without usage or fees . The orgs are filled with people voting to spend other peoples money on their project ideas that they know will not work or just simply dont care. Aren’t we also seeing this play out with all the wallets? crushing maintenance with no usage that justifies the development and they don’t grow the user base.

The dev fund should have been used to make the blockchain useful and to create a platform. then third parties invest and build on top of it. Instead it the dev fund was largely wasted on the edge use cases (single asset duplicative wallets and media) while the core blockchain has not kept pace with competing technologies and ecosystems. and the ecosystem is collapsing under its own weight because it all depends entirely on the price of zec and zec holders have no voice to guide the project. zec holders are forced to sell if they don’t like the vision.

We need leadership focused on zec holders and the zcash blockchain who want to help the legacy infrastructure transition to the blockchain. It might not be the perfect way to govern, but it’s the best way–> coin weighted voting. Isnt it clear at this point zec holders are the community?


later I will make a post about my dream, when I started buying Zcash. In my dream, very clear values appeared. I believe that my dream showed the future reality of Zcash and we will see Zcash in all its splendor.

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Mass adoption of Zcash will not increase on its own. For that to happen a lot of work needs to be done, from different fronts: institutional (ECC, ZCG, FZ), communicational, educational and community.

Will the price go up? No one can know… it will depend on the model we adopt (the controversial 20% of miners). Price is also an attraction, no doubt. But we need to educate around the value of Zcash, not the price.

We have a lot of work to do.

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It will be interesting to read your opinions and vision in this regard.

In this critical moment of Zcash all possible views and participations are needed.

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So in my opinion there will be no changes in the price, I believe that the market doesn’t care if there is a development fund or not, people want profit.

In my opinion, it would be interesting to continue financing the development of Zcash, but something different from what is available today. it had to be exclusive financing for programmers, infrastructure and auditing of codes and bugs, also investing in a specific smartphone wallet (Zashi) plus a computer wallet. no spending on advertising, events, Zcash ambassadors, this could get other forms of financing.

I like the idea of a development fund, but nothing more than development, innovation and bug fixing. stop financing projects, marketing, events, leave this for financing with other sources of income, without using blockchain fees.

não precisa haver uma empresa centralizadora, pode haver um mecanismo automatizado onde distribui os recursos apenas para os programadores cadastrados e uma carteira específica para auditoria do código. a comunidade decide quem serão os programadores, escolhendo por competência técnica, analisando o currículo. a comunidade faria uma licitação pública para escolher a empresa que prestará o serviço de auditoria do código, uma empresa para prestar serviços de infraestrutura para a manutenção do site e recursos necessários para manter o Zcash vivo e ativo. nada além disso.

90% of the remaining fee could be used for Zcash users themselves, being distributed to everyone who stakes (POS).

In the same way that Bitcoin does not have ambassadors, in the same way that Bitcoin does not invest in media, we do not need to do this, because if we do a good job, the dissemination will be carried out by Zcash users themselves, without having to lose money for advertisements , events. We will work to make Zcash more robust, the rest is a consequence.

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I have to respectfully disagree that zcash will die without dev fund

lets look at Exhibit 1: btc dev on-going interest on zcash related drive-chain

“ZCash Sidechain to Help Bitcoiners”
“zSide” is what I call the Altcoin “zCash” adopted as a BTC Sidechain. It helps Bitcoiners in three ways:

  1. Fully anonymous z-to-z “Private Transactions”.
  2. Non-interactive de-tainting of coins, which I call “Melt/Cast”.
  3. Private fusion of small UTXOs into larger ones (also Melt/Cast).
    - Paul Sztorc

How can we not get the market sentiment zcash after halo2 orchard became extremely popular
but their common criticism of zcash shielded address not being mandatory could easily be mitigated + with ZSA some of the security budget of zcash 21mill coins can also be mitigated

Lets look at Exhibit 2:
We cannot remain oblivious to market demands
Both Monero and Firo getting future upgrades with Monero FCMP++ with claims of post quantum protection(forward secrecy)
and Firo with Lalantus Spark with curve trees

Both going for Full Anonymity Sets (and some even for post quantum if possible lol)

How can zcash miss the opportunity

its clear with dev fund gone
removal of t-address t-pool sapling pool (and others trusted setup pools)
code cleanup

adoption of ZSA and DEX like Maya Serai and P2P options like Haveno

We can easily make zcash anti-fragile with no central point of failure
and get heavy adoption as MOE

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What about community and educational initiatives?

What is the point of having wallet development, bug fixes and protocol improvements if there is no education and users to use and test those improvements?


not bad points lol

ECC & ZF doing book deals can also be great thing both for educational work & funds gathering lol

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They haven’t, and I don’t think they will start doing it now.

The dissemination to achieve mass education arises from the user communities themselves… with a good project approach these should be supported, financed or promoted.


We have to also look how others community helped grow their development work like

Mastering Bitcoin
Programming Bitcoin
Zero to Monero
Mastering Monero

Propaganda MuMbo JumBo :
Bitcoin Standard
Monero Standard

I can go on & on how community donation & dev coordination help create them
(and sometimes individual players themself lol)


Who financed these projects?

Who disseminated them?

Who designed, created and prepared them?

Donations are important, but they are uncertain and not always as fast as we hope.

I think it is a sum of everything. But in any case, community participation is always necessary…


That’s what’s cool about a community, there are several people with different visions, but converging towards the same objective, wanting zcash to grow.