What's the algo use on testnet for zerocash?

what’s the algo use on testnet for zerocash?

i mean the algorithm, do we have the source code ?

and how much does it different from sha256?

is it possible to set up a pool for zerocash

thank you very much!


I downloaded the source but I have not even tried to examine it yet. If you're able to find the answer to your question by looking at the source, please share it here.

Mining algorithm on testnet is SHA256 same as Bitcoin. Apparently new algo will be kept as a secret until 1.0 release.

so it's sha256? i do not think so

Mining algorithm on testnet is SHA256 - the final Zerocash version will have a different algo of course. everything else would not make much sense.

The proof of work used on the testnet has changed to Equihash, which will be used (with different parameters) for the production network, subject to no major security issues being found: https://z.cash/blog/why-equihash.html
Note that there was never any intention for the algorithm to be secret until the launch.

thanks for the reply

so the new testnet is alive now?

is it possible to set up a mining pool for zcash?


also will we have a miner for zcash? thanks

or we can only use to mine it by my cpu?

also what's the blockreward structure? do we have an when zcash will be released?

thank you so much!!!

What are the sols, and is this pictured result decent, or just burning my computer up?