When will slow start end?

when will slow start end?

After block 20.000

(Those twenty characters)

and now wchich blokcks are mining?

We are on block 14335 now.

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Technically, the last slow start block is block 19,999 (the 20,000th block), and the first block of non-slow-start rules is block 20,000. But the last slow start block is also the first to have the full 12.5 ZEC block subsidy (because of the way the slow start is set up).

Quibbling over exact amounts doesn’t matter from a practical standpoint however (he says as the quibbler), given that the block interval is 2.5 minutes.

so then will a little easy for miners with low solo or no?

No, if anything it will be much harder.

Use a pool don’t solo.

I talk about pool , it will easy or harder than now?


It will get harder as the difficulty rises.