Why is the ZCash Community Grants under the foundation?

It appears the ZCash Community Grants is operating under the ZCash Foundation (13% of the miner funding) - why are these marketed as separate entities? & MUCH more importantly - why would you have all your eggs in a single jurisdiction (beyond the violation to the decentralization ethos)?

About the Zcash Community Grants Committee

The largest slice of the Zcash Dev Fund is earmarked for major grants “to fund independent teams entering the Zcash ecosystem, to perform major ongoing development work (or other word) for the public good of the Zcash ecosystem”. While the funds are administered and disbursed by the Zcash Foundation (ZF), applications for major grants are subject to approval by a five-seat Major Grant Review Committee, which is elected by ZCAP.

Finalize Application

The Zcash Foundation will work with the grantee to improve the grant application based on the outcome of the grants committee bi-weekly meeting. Some necessary improvements may involve:

  • Adjustments to proposed milestones (deliverables, funding tranches, timeframes, etc)
  • More detailed KPIs for grant success
  • Further details as required.
  • The finalized application must meet all requirements.

ZCG Committee decisions are fully independent. ZF does the admin work of ZCG, facilitates disbursement of grants, KYC, legal etc.


Hey - thanks for the reply @gottabeJay. Really trying to just DYOR right now, not trying to assert changes to be made.

I’m looking for how ZCG is elected - I know the marketing says “by ZCash community” - but is this done by a coin vote, or some other way? Does ZF control or administer who elects ZCG?

I’m trying to drill down to how credibly decentralized fund tax usage is (legal attack surface is my biggest concern, administrative capture also)

Can you confirm the ZCG receives all of the 8% from the mining tax?

i wouldn’t trust it to any other entity, and wouldn’t trust it to be on its own
The Foundation is the most efficient for it, as a non profit and trustworthy audited organization

And you can comfirm it yourself in the same way with getblock io if you really wanted

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ZCG is elected by ZCAP the ‘Zcash Community Advisory Panel’ in a binding vote using Helios Voting https://vote.heliosvoting.org/

ZF doesnt control who gets elected to ZCG but there is ways to block a candidate that breaches ZF CoC.

ZCG recieves all of the 8% of the issuance. ZF control the keys of the wallet and facilitate the disbursement of grants for ZCG.

ZCG is fully administered by ZF.

Read ZIP 1014 which governs how it all works.


as the name suggests, community grants should be funded by the community. not zec holders.

There is a lot of waste hiring people to review grants. copy monero model. it’s decentralized community development. people who want funding request it directly from the community. take out the middlemen and centralized gatekeepers.


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