Will Zcash AISC resist? Or Hard fork?

Now Some guy receievd Z9 mini.
So the Gpu miners cannot compete the AISC miners.
And them I think the price will be going to down because of AISC…

Not really ASIC or not ASIC doesn’t impact price one way or another really. Traders and investors don’t really watch what a coin is doing down to that level. They are trading based on indicators mostly. So when the price goes up, they saw something bullish short/long term, same when it goes down, they saw something bearish short/long term.

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I think the aisc miners get coins more than gpu miners.
So in the exchange, they can sell coins lower prices than gpu miners.
As you know there are always price fight in exchange sites.
And then gpu miners will get less coins.
For example, After cryptonight aisc is released
electroneum price is going down and gpu miners miner get low less coins.
(Sorry for my english)

If you go down through the comments in that twitter post, it appears (maybe he mispoke) he (Jihan Wu) confirmed the existence of the Z9 (non mini) and it’s 3-4X faster than the mini so 30-40K? But it’s louder (not for home use). So don’t feel too bad…the initial round of ASIC buy ins appear to have just gotten burnt as well. Now they will have to try to ROI before these next ones hit the streets. They will also need to come up with the capital to buy into the new model…or they will get crushed out when the difficulty goes ballistic again.

I vote for hardfolk. ASIC it’s ill !!! 4 ZEC

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Actually, if they did this and continually burned their customers, people would no longer buy their products - so I think your assessment is off in it’s profitability calculation.

One thing we now know from Jihan’s comments is that Bitmain gets sample products, which they run to test out the hardware for a few months (warranty period?). I bet it will take many months for them to announce the Z9 regular and at that point the Z9 mini should have already been profitable.

I’m sure a lot of the ones first in are hoping you are very very right. It would make sense, I think I posted in another thread (maybe it was reddit) that I didn’t understand why they would confirm so soon, doesn’t make business sense as it could hamper/kill off the mini sales.

personally I think the foundation will fork but not soon .

Question: When running an ASIC miner are you still able to mine through the Flypool, or do you have to use a Bitmain “Antpool” ?

It seems that a lot of the hostility toward mining centralization has to do with bitmain monopolizing the market, but if you’re able to use the pool of your choice, then that factor is diminished.

That is of course, unless bitmain has introduced some malicious software on their miners ( highly unlikely imo ) to compromise the networks.

But i’m just trying to understand why there is such a resistance to the ASICs being introduced to Zcash.

Please help me understand

You should be able to point the hash power anywhere you want.

That could be true…but remember, unless both sides agree to it, it’s a fork that splits the coin, and it will be a fork without support from ZcashCo and the Devs…it will not be Zcash (not even in name).

imo , zcash the company in no position ethically to have a vote in this matter .
2 of the founders are already sponsored by bitmain and bitmain logo is on their website. this ofcorse didn’t happen behind zooko’s back . so imo he him self ethically should have no say in this matter concerning bitmain.

many will precieve it as a conflict of interest.

if he is already in his pocket, bitmain should leave the zcash community. let the Zcash still be equeal 4ever.

I was upset about Asics too, but with new GPUs dropping at the same time and the bitmain asic which is hitting close to the 1180 price point? If bitmain just had another competitor is this as big of a deal as we’re thinking? Especially on the back of the Bitcoingold and zencash 51% attacks?

That’s not exactly true. CEO of Nvidia recently said the “1180” was not going to happen anytime soon…probably next year at this point.

After almost 9 months of sucking money out of ZCASH holders pockets, i am just curious:

Will Zcash AISC resist? Or Hard fork?

In the roadmap, no decision yet…

It would better to implement hard fork