windows 11 arm 64 interface not working

good afternoon, I have windows 11 arm 64 when I run Zecwallet.Lite-1.8.8-win my interface does not start, I understand that a lot of software 64 is emulated on arm but still everything works for me and this wallet is not, here is a screenshot

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I tried getting windows 11 to run the latest ZW full node per the discussion on the other thread and I couldn’t get the zip binaries to work either in the GUI or running zcashd manually (halts with no params file error…) or both those ways through the msi. I’m going to attempt the lite versions to see if I can’t get the same error. This is on a pretty new intel deck with a Ryzen 5 so it should otherwise be suitable. The windows Ywallet app can be downloaded from the Microsoft app store and works pretty well on the same deck.

Windows 11 ARM :nerd_face: So it begins! :zcash: Happy to help, if needed, but we don’t quite build for this system in CI yet. Would be happy to start looking though to potentially help.

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You might try Zecwallet lite CLI, it might give you a little more information in powershell at least. I had success with it and seemingly the the zip binaries; currently importing a key, going to take a while the while but it’s going.

YWallet works on Windows 11 ARM?

No, I’m referring to an intel. I was just mentioning that it’s also having zcashd issues (specifically an immediate terminate of zcashd.exe because no params files it seems) with ZWL FN with the latest version out of the box.

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