Windows Port In Progress - Help needed!

After weeks of work, I’m stuck with my port of Zcash to Windows (64 bit Windows 10 only)

Instructions for experienced Windows POSIX developers who wish to collaborate on it are here:

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Latest branch is now v1.0.4-win-native

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Have you written about what obstacles were overcome to produce this port?

No, and its not done! The current state of things is the following linker errors, which have been the same across the last few updates to zcash:

Ah so you are Djm :smiling_imp:

Thanks for selling out to the big boys with your Nvidia miner early on. - all small miners

what? I didn’t do an Nvidia miner!

@jiggytom I’ve ported Zcash itself to Mac and arm64 linux, but have not ever worked on any GPU mining code for zcash or any other coin, ever