You vote, str4d hacks! 2020-01 edition

As a fun experiment, I’ve decided to open up my Fun Friday task for tomorrow to a vote! Here are the things I was considering:

  • Write ZIP 304 specifying signmessage support for Sapling shielded addresses.
  • Make some branches that test out moving the librustzcash crate into the zcash/zcash codebase.
  • Throw myself at the Automake wall again to try and figure out how to finish deprecating zcutil/ :persevere:
  • Resurrect some of my old branches that enable us to remove OpenSSL as a dependency of zcashd.

0 voters

What should I hack on? Get your vote in here, in the #public-community-arborist channel of Rocket.Chat (via reactions to my post there), or on Twitter:


Results time:

  • Twitter: OpenSSL removal!
  • Forum: Shielded signmessage!
  • Chat: Deprecating zcutil/!

And summing all votes:

  • 26: Shielded signmessage
  • 8: Moving librustzcash into zcash/zcash
  • 8: Deprecating zcutil/
  • 29: Removing OpenSSL dependency

So today, I’m rewriting zcashd’s experimental wallet encryption to remove OpenSSL :closed_lock_with_key::package:


Love it, str4d, thank you for sharing :smiley: Your Friday Fun project provided me with Friday fun as well!