[z-ZOMG] Contributors needed

Background: Truly pseudonymous contributors & ZOMG - #46 by stickyplot

If you are someone pseudonymous:

  • willing to contribute funds to z-ZOMG
  • willing to contribute time to z-ZOMG
  • in need of funds in order to help Zcash in some ways

Please make yourself known in this thread, the project needs you.

Don’t set your expectations too high initially, it will be messy. It’s very possible there will be disagreements. If this catches up it’s possible those disagreements will lead to a split that could create multiple versions of z-ZOMG. This would be all fine, we may need to try different approaches before we find the model that works best, the one ZEC holders will eventually want to support financially.

For those who would rather not go the pseudonymous route, please help steer (t-)ZOMG in a good direction.


While I’m currently unwilling to run or sit on the zomg, volunteering my mind and time without obligations I will support 100%.

Maybe there should be the 5 person official group, and a sub group of consultants/volunteers from different fields of knowledge in the zcash community writing their own thoughts on what zomg could/should be doing, which the zomg can use in real-time to help their decision making process.


Awesome, thanks @tm3k!

I just noticed that I haven’t specified on this post what resources I’m willing to contribute to z-ZOMG. So to clarify, I’m willing to donate the ZEC equivalent of DAI$500 per month, along with 5 hours of my time per week.


I wont contribute monetarily and encourage you not to as well, I think ZOMG is well funded and doesn’t rely on community handouts.

I volunteer to review work or research for 5-10 hours a month if the community likes this idea. It’s sort of a way to distribute the mental work load needed evaluating proposals and it never hurts to have a second or third opinion.


To avoid any confusion, z-ZOMG is completely separate from (t-)ZOMG. It will require funding and will rely on community handouts. Thank you for offering to contribute some of your time, appreciated.


Oh, I see where I misread this.

Regardless, still willing to offer time if z-zomg forms.