ZCash adoption NOW

After understanding ZEC I can clearly see that it’s the most interesting privacy focused cryptocurrency based on proof of work. I just hope ZCash leads the path of Bitcoin Cash so it’s simple, cheap and fast. Also kudos for not entering the fight against ASICs.

I’m a hobbyist developer and I use linux, I’ve been able to install and use ZCash but I have to say it’s literally impossible to use for a person whose expertise has nothing to do with computers. I like the fact that ZCash is focused on the underlying technique but I tend to be more a business oriented person and I consider the network effect crucial for the success of a cryptocurrency. In fact that’s the reason I liked Monero as they are gaining real world traction but still they are leading the project in a direction I am not comfortable with—RingCT are weak, transitions are very expensive and their ad-hoc proof of work change is a complete disaster and a misinterpretation of free markets and proof of work in itself.

Since ZEC collects a big fee I’d really like you guys to dedicate your resources towards making Zcash simple to use. A simple cross-platform wallet that allows you to send shielded and transparent transactions and see your balance. There are third party wallets but non support z addresses.

I still remember how the ‘WhatsApp’ application took over the rest even thought it was technically simple and had other more sophisticated alternatives. Zcash is good enough so it needs to be used now. If you don’t have adoption you have nothing more than useless immutable private bits.

Your thought?

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Unfortunately, I don’t see zcash adoption in the near future. Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency and even Bitcoin is obscure to the masses. Sadly, most cryptocurrencies are used not for as a medium of exchange but for buying low and selling high. That, I think, is a big obstacle in the way of cryptocurrencies becoming a medium of exchange.

ZCash needs much, much more marketing in order that the crypto world -and the rest of the world - knows about its benefits and adopts it for use.

However, there are other high barriers to use such as the following:

1 - unpredictable price changes

2 - few gateways from fiat currency into ZCash and back into fiat

3 - no mobile wallets with Z-addresses (though the planned upgrades later this year will hopefully remedy that)

4 - few businesses who take ZCash for payment

There’s only one Windows based wallet which offers Z-addresses, but it lacks encrypted backups.

The way I see it, in order for ZCash to be widely adopted, it has to be easy enough and reliable enough to be used by “Soccer Moms”. Unfortunately, it’s not there yet. I’m not entirely convinced it will ever reach that point.

I expect adoption will pick up over the next 24 months. This will begin to change quick. As soon as governments try to get a grip on what is going on people will begin to adapt and use shielded addresses to protect their crypt0 wealth if need be.

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