Zcash as a lottery for laptops

Since Zcash is much more competitive on CPUs than other coins, it could market itself as a “laptop lottery” where if you install their software and keep it running, you are doing the same as buying a lottery ticket. Definitely something the lawyers won’t like.

Why would lawyers care?

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accept the fact that solo mining on a laptop is a pointless effort with the chances of ever getting a fraction of a ZEC are near to that of zero.

Lawyers would care because they would be advertising a gambling game.

@anon If difficulty is soon 2x and stabilizes there, a laptop has a 10.5% chance of getting a block (10 ZEC) if left running for 1 year, which is a one in a 20 million chance for every block, 1 in 34,000 chance every day. Lot better than the lottery at abuot he same cost.

you’re relying on the chance of stabilization.
when the reward increases, the pools shall expand and likewise difficulty shall increase.

It’s nearly at half it’s final value already