Zcash-cli listtransactions

Is there a functional difference in the “time” reported for a transaction?
versus the “blocktime” …

“blocktime” : 1475571968,
“time” : 1475571968,

The “blocktime” and “time” always seem to coincide.

My assumptions…anyone correct me if I’m wrong, I didn’t RTFM…

time: time txid was generated?
blocktime: time txid received by blockchain?
timereceived: time you received the txid from blockchain or generation?

    "blocktime" : 1475077401,
    "txid" : "3ec443c898062088cac76a6d312e1529e7fdf5edaa14bd2f03684caa798a1186",
    "walletconflicts" : [
    "time" : 1475077340,
    "timereceived" : 1475077340

More info, more research …

All of my transactions report identical time (to the second) for “blocktime” and “time”. The “timereceived” always occurs a few minute(s) later. hellcat example shows the “timereceived” occurring before the “blocktime”???

I searched the /src for references. ( I am not a coder) but it looks like to me that in rpcrawtransaction.cpp that the same variable is used for “blocktime” and “time”. Since it also looks like the time is not created here, this may be false.