Zcash Community Grants Meeting Minutes 10/30/2023

Below, please find the latest ZCG meeting minutes and Public Dashboard link.


  • Amber
  • Brian
  • GGuy
  • Jason
  • Michael
  • Jack (ZF resource)
  • Daniel (ZF resource)
  • Alex (ZF resource and temporary notetaker)

Key Takeaways:

Open Grant Proposals

  • Mastering of ZKP | Oxorio - Jason gave background for this grant. The applicant is asking for $9,500 to develop “Mastering of ZKP,” which will allow a person without a background in math or cryptography to understand zero-knowledge proofs. It looks like an educational course with study materials like lectures, articles, code you can run on your computer, and tests.
    • Discussed at the last meeting and last two brainstorming sessions, and ZCG voted to unanimously reject. Refer to the next Minor Grants program if/when it happens.
  • Zure: Zcash User Research & Engagement - Jason summarized this grant. This proposal is from Tatyana, who used to do marketing at ECC. She is asking for $35,000 to complete Phase 1 of a research project she started working on before she left ECC. ZURE will study ZEC usage among early adopters to drive engagement and inform tech development. The ultimate goal is increasing user adoption.
    • Jason followed-up with Tatyana to discuss the rate provided in the proposal.
    • Amber has reservations regarding the rate, although the overall amount of the grant isn’t that large. Also, reservations because the ultimate goal is adoption so we should study people who haven’t already adopted Zcash. Despite her reservations, Amber votes to approve.
    • Brian has reservations regarding the rate, even given Tatyana’s background and experience. He was on the fence regarding approval, but ultimately, the research done to date should be finished. He would need to see significant value-add to approve any future grant. Brian votes in favor.
    • Gguy approves. Hope is that the outcomes/results of this grant will help influence the direction of future grants and grantees.
    • Michael votes to reject. As a steward of ZCG funds, he feels the rate is way too high. Applicant doesn’t have a meaningful history of output in the ecosystem and ECC didn’t see fit to see this research through to completion. Everyone knows what a good payment UX looks like (Apple Pay) and everyone already knows Zcash is confusing to use (e.g. different address types, buggy wallets).
    • Jason agrees with some of Michael’s points and respects his view, but he sees value in this project and how it can inform development, especially given all the diverse sub-communities that have emerged in recent years. He sees this phase as a proof of concept for what could be a much larger project if she proves herself. Jason approves.
  • WalletD / Slavi Wallet
    • WalletD is an open-source wallet SDK which will include ready-to-use modules for a variety of different blockchains and ecosystems. Asking for $50,000 to integrate Zcash. Reads like cut and paste proposal. Leaning towards not approving due to funding many wallet projects this year. Brian said doesn’t feel in scope. Amber said she feels ZCG is overextended with wallet funding for the year.
  • Nym: Network Privacy For Zcash
    • Not posted to the forum yet.
    • Integrate Nym mixnet to Zcash. $670,000 (includes $320,000 to Zingo and Nighthawk to integrate Nym into those wallets). ZCG has homework to complete, including talking to Zcash developers. Possibility to break up grant or find alternative sources of funding. Nym has a grants program and significant funding. Just started discussions regarding this grant.
    • Michael’s initial impression is that we can’t count on much coming out of this. Research grant wrapped up with implementation grant, including an audit of the mixnet which seems strange. Would possibly fund an initial audit once it’s proved viable. Grant includes funding through 2025, not comfortable with that timeframe.
    • Brian said Michael raised great points. Not keen on funding this large of a grant with so many outstanding questions (at this time). Looking forward to community questions and input once it’s posted to the forum.
    • Gguy said he’s interested to hear from the wallet developers regarding the reasons for supporting Nym vs. TOR.

Brainstorm Session Follow-Ups

  • Ecosystem Security Lead
    • Looking at options, multiple corporate responses pending.
    • Exit interview to happen with Taylor soon.
  • ChainSafe
    • They have attended Light Client Working Group (LCWG) calls and they will submit a proper proposal in the next month or so.
  • Ledger
    • Call occurred with Ledger/Zondax/ZF/ZCG.
    • Jack stated that next steps are: If ZCG is comfortable with the plan as discussed with Zondax and Ledger, Zondax will submit a grant application for $101,800 to cover phase 1 (a new embedded app with support for Sapling addresses), with another grant application to follow for phase 2 (Ledger Live integration - estimated cost of $100,000).
    • No reservations from ZCG regarding the conversation or next steps.
    • Jack said communications between the parties can happen via Discord. ZF will make sure there is a channel accessible to ZCG members.
    • Plan for support: if a user has a problem, they will post to the Community Forum and ZF’s Community Support Coordinator will be the first point of contact. If they can’t help, they’ll escalate to Ledger.
    • Jack to post a progress update to the Community Forum this week.
  • Dev Fund Proposal
    • ZCG collectively drafted a ZIP section covering ZCG for a potential future Dev Fund. Changes name to ZCG, staggered elections, discretionary budget for ZCG member compensation, working towards independence, and other changes.
  • Milestone Updates
    • Jason to backfill reporting requirements so ZF has clear direction on conducting grantee follow-up on a scheduled basis.
  • Other business:
    • Jack informed the committee that ZF is looking hard at the budget, and is likely to significantly reduce or eliminate the current ZCG stipend as part of belt-tightening. Details will be shared with the community when nominations open for the upcoming ZCG election.

With the financial constraints that ZF is facing, and the uncertainty surrounding our future income, we’ve had to scrutinise our expenditure very closely, and, unfortunately, we’re not able to continue funding the ZCG Committee members’ stipend at the current level ($1725 per month).

From January 2024, the monthly stipend will be $650. We believe that this amount is consistent with the philanthropic nature of the Zcash Community Grants program.

For the avoidance of any doubt, ZF continues to provide administrative, logistical, and operational support, including the grants platform, required KYC and OFAC compliance, payment processing, funds administration, record-keeping (including meeting minutes, and maintaining the ZCG Dashboard), and providing a point of contact for grant applicants and recipients.


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