Zcash Community Grants Meeting Minutes 8/7/23

Below please find the latest @ZcashGrants meeting minutes and Public Dashboard link.

Zcash Community Grants Committee Google Meet Meeting: August 7, 2023

[Minutes taken by Jason]


  • Amber
  • Brian
  • Gguy
  • Jason
  • Michael

Open Grant Proposals

  • Bird Calls - Formally posted the second phase of the project, the integration phase, asking for $245,600. They think it will take a significant amount of work to integrate BTCpay into Birdcalls. At the 05/29 meeting, the committee voted to put Birdcalls on “hold.”.
    • The committee will leave this grant proposal as an open agenda item and revisit it in future meetings.
  • Dacade: Peer to peer learning community
    • The applicant is asking for $50,000 to create a peer-to-peer learning community on Dacade.org to foster education and project development within the Zcash ecosystem.
    • The committee unanimously voted to reject this proposal as it is not within the scope of something they are interested in funding at this time.
  • UniFFI Library Addendum
    • Last meeting, four members of the committee voted to approve this grant. However, Luca is now requesting to amend the grant to include a third milestone to add sync capabilities. At Zcon4, Luca had the opportunity to speak with ECC engineers and concluded that it is possible to go forward with including sync capabilities in the UniFFI Library.
    • Luca is asking for $48,000 for the third milestone, which would bring the total grant amount to $144,000.
    • Since this amendment was posted today, the committee will discuss the revised proposal at their next brainstorm meeting. Additionally, Dan will need to open up the grant for editing so that Luca can amend the grant to reflect the third milestone.
    • Jason has a conflict of interest with Eiger and refrained from discussing this grant.

Brainstorm Session Follow Ups

  • Promotional Merch Request
    • Chidi submitted a promotional merchandise request for $1,155 to cover expenses related to attending a conference (transportation, hotel accommodation, etc.) and 15 t-shirts. The committee voted to reject this request since they had approved a similar request earlier this year for Chidi.
    • The Committee rejected a similar promotional merchandise request for Chidi in June for the same reason: it was too soon after his last request. Michael will follow up with Chidi.
    • ZCG wants to reiterate to ambassadors that occasional promotional merchandise requests are acceptable, but ambassadors who host physical meetups or attend events are expected to use part of their stipends to cover the costs associated with hosting or attending the event.
  • Dashboard – Grants Category
    • Jason and Michael categorized all historical grants for Jason’s presentation at Zcon4. These categories will be added to the “Grants” tab of the dashboard so that the community can see how ZCG has allocated funds by category or type on an ongoing basis.
    • Jason will send the updated grant data to Dan once Dan is back in the office.
  • YWallet
    • Hanh informed ZCG that he was unable to publish the ios updates for YWallet to the app store due to a new policy that requires apps to be published by an organization, and not an individual.
    • Hanh asked ZCG if the Zcash Foundation would publish the app, and if not, if ZCG was okay with the Ycash Foundation publishing the app. Jason reached out to Jack on Aug 3 and has not heard back on whether or not ZF will publish the app. The committee decided that since this is a high urgency release (that allows a custom fee option and fixes the issue of transactions getting stuck in the mempool) that it would be okay for the Ycash Foundation to publish the app so that the update is available to the community in a timely manner.
    • ZCG asked Hanh to create an organization so he can publish apps himself in the future and not have to rely on the Ycash Foundation or Zcash Foundation to publish them.

Am I the only one who think this is bs? So much red tape these days… :upside_down_face: