Zcash Community Grants to Major Grants Organisation

Transitioning Zcash Community Grants to a Major Grants Organization :scroll:

As Zcash strengthens its foundation on decentralization and community input, the progression of our funding model needs to evolve concurrently. I propose the metamorphosis of the Zcash Community Grants program into a Major Grants Organization, dual-functioning as a Public Goods Funding Program and an Incubator for groundbreaking projects. :star2:

Public Goods Funding Program: The Pulse of Zcash :earth_africa:
This will be concentrated on financing public goods crucial for Zcash’s upward trajectory. This encompasses privacy improvements, user-centric interfaces, and community outreach. For instance, public goods funding might support individual contributors focusing on user privacy or establish ambassador programs to drive community engagement, ensuring our ecosystem pulsates with energy and resilience.

The Incubator: Breeding Ground for Innovation :hatching_chick:
Aiming at larger, paradigm-shifting projects still in their infancy, the Incubator inspires these endeavors to explore alternative funding avenues, be it from renowned organizations or the developmental fund. One can think of the Incubator potentially funding a larger organization working on complex consensus changes or even the development of intuitive, user-friendly Zcash wallets. This approach fosters fiscal autonomy and project sustainability.

Merging Visions: From Public Goods to Incubation :bridge_at_night:
The forte of the Major Grants Organization is pinpointing potential-laden Public Goods initiatives and channeling them towards the Incubator. This fluid shift assists projects in broadening their horizons and establishing fiscal self-reliance.

Benefits of a Unified Approach :balance_scale:

  • Synergy: Melding both avenues accentuates dialogue and adaptability.
  • Collaborative Thinking: Tapping into pooled wisdom aids in carving out blueprints to transition projects from public goods to incubation.
  • Resource Maximization: Harnessing communal knowledge, tools, and networks amplifies the repercussion of every ZEC invested.

Defining Success: Beyond Monetary Measures :bar_chart:
Though financial aid is paramount, triumph also hinges on a project’s capacity to attract funds external to the Major Grants Organization. We strive to not only back but to elevate projects to prosper autonomously.

Your Feedback Illuminates Our Journey :speaking_head:
Do you envisage the Major Grants Organization as Zcash’s imminent future? Does it resonate with our community ethos?

Voice your reflections, reservations, and dreams :love_letter:. Your perspective is instrumental in sculpting a resilient financial scaffold for Zcash.

While evaluating this proposal, let’s anchor our discussions on its overarching merits and not get sidetracked by opinions on specific grants past or present. Our collective goal is to shape the brightest future for Zcash. Let’s deliberate with this vision in mind.


This is awesome in the sense that it will lead to more adoption of the Zcash protocol, Personally I am of the believe that if more privacy related projects are encouraged on the Zcash ecosystem, the more the value the ZEC will become. These privacy projects could be for public good or startups from incubator program supported by Zcash with defined Term Of Reference (TOR), which obviously will be in line with financial privacy infrastructure or solution for public good and ultimately for the advancement of the Zcash ecosystem. Thus, these can be achieved by the following base on my own knowledge.

  1. For Public Good, more of Zcash community education and engagement should be supported towards increasing the number of Zcash developers and end users.
  2. For the incubator program, Zcash can support tech hubs with physical, virtual or hybrid locations in this direction to help web3 developers, innovators and startups founders, towards building financial privacy related projects using the zcash protocol, thereby leading to more adoption and used cases.

Thank you.