Zcash Foundation Q1 2022 Report

Below please find the Zcash Foundation Q1 2022 Report. This report describes the Foundation’s activities in Q1, our financial inflow and outflows, a detailed breakdown of our expenses, as well as a snapshot of the Zcash Foundation’s financial position.

:point_right: Zcash Foundation Q1 2022 Report

All other quarterly reports can be found here.


I haven’t perused the grants platform but +1 the new website, very nice


Why does the ZF hold 60 Bitcoin and 13 Ethereum?

It seems that for the sake of ideological consistency those assets should be sold and converted into ZEC

I noticed on the ZF Q1 report that $89,069 were spent on ‘Community’. Can someone from ZF provide more detail of the expenses allocated to “Community”?


The Foundation has a policy of hedging our exposure to ZEC by diversifying into BTC. We may also start diversifying into ETH in the future but the ETH we currently hold was received as payment for Zcon tickets in the past.

Sure! It’s mostly wage expense, to reflect the time spent by ZF team members on community and ecosystem relations, and communications. It also includes costs relating to the grants platform, the forums, the website, and Zcon.