Zcash Foundation Update • December 14, 2019 – January 31, 2020

It’s been a minute! Also sent to the newsletter, as usual.

We just released our annual “State of the Zcash Foundation” report. Executive director Josh Cincinnati reviewed 2019 and set goals for the rest of 2020, addressing the Foundation’s strategy, execution, and finances.

Since December, vocal Zcash community members have continued defining a robust mechanism for future development funding. At this point, we’re hashing out implementation details — important ones, to be clear! News from the past week:

To catch up in depth, consult the recently expanded governance page of ZF’s website.

As ever, discussion continues on the Zcash Community Forum. Join us, your voice is welcome! Or you can lurk, that’s cool too.

Meanwhile, the Zcash Foundation’s technical team has been busy at work on…

Technical publications are a lagging indicator of development progress. Watch this space, folks :eyes:

Lastly, a note on Zcash Foundation grants — you can easily see them all in one place! Quick highlights:

Okay, lastly for real this time: ECC’s most recent weekly update is a treat!

That’s all for now, farewell!