Zcash Foundation Update — February, 2019

Hello everyone! Here’s what the Zcash Foundation has been up to this month. As usual, it’s in roughly chronological order; this time I included dates to make that more clear.

The Foundation’s statement on the counterfeiting vulnerability found in Zcash, which we published after the Electric Coin Company’s disclosure: https://www.zfnd.org/blog/sprout-disclosure/

Henry de Valence joined the Foundation as Principal Cryptographic Researcher: https://www.zfnd.org/blog/henry-de-valence/

We announced a partnership with KZen Networks to bring n-of-n multisig to Zcash: https://www.zfnd.org/blog/kzen-multisig/

Executive Director Josh Cincinnati wrote a script for auditing Zcash supply: https://github.com/acityinohio/auditthezed

Ian Miers’ article on the weaknesses of decoy-based privacy schemes was posted on the Foundation’s website, after its initial publication by Token Daily: https://www.zfnd.org/blog/blockchain-privacy/

We confirmed that our contribution to the Monero Konferenco was received: https://twitter.com/ZcashFoundation/status/1095502755588755458

Josh proposed changes to the Zcash Improvement Proposal process: https://github.com/zcash/zips/pull/206

Feedback is more than welcome! We are writing a blog post, to be published soon, explaining why ZIPs matter and their role in Zcash governance. ZIPs will be key to protocol development going forward.

Henry published “Flexible precomputation for verification checks”: https://medium.com/@hdevalence/flexible-precomputation-for-verification-checks-1eadb9505a17

The Android version of zec-qt-wallet is available! https://twitter.com/zecqtwallet/status/1099025819802918912

(Not a direct effort by Foundation staff, but we financially support the project.)

Josh talked about the Foundation on an episode of the Decentralize This! podcast: https://blog.enigma.co/decentralize-this-episode-21-josh-cincinnati-c191523363c7

We stated our support for the ZKProof Standards project, and encouraged people to participate in their second event: https://www.zfnd.org/blog/zkproof-standards-workshop/

One of the Foundation’s most recent grant recipients dropped out, and we updated our announcement to reflect that: https://www.zfnd.org/blog/q2-grant-winners/

That’s all. Let us know if you have any questions or comments by replying to this email (or the subsequent thread in the Zcash Community Forum). Lastly, if you haven’t done so already, consider attending or speaking at Zcon1! https://www.zfnd.org/blog/zcon1-announcement/

You can receive these updates directly in your inbox (along with progress reports from grant winners) by signing up for the Zcash Foundation general mailing list: https://lists.zfnd.org/mailman/listinfo/general